Jan 31 2010

Climategate & AGW To Be Investigated By UK Parliament

This is interesting - the UK’s House of Commons is going to investigate Climategate and apparently AGW:

The Science and Technology Committee today announces an inquiry into the unauthorised publication of data, emails and documents relating to the work of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA). The Committee has agreed to examine and invite written submissions on three questions:

  • What are the implications of the disclosures for the integrity of scientific research?
  • Are the terms of reference and scope of the Independent Review announced on 3 December 2009 by UEA adequate (see below)?
  • How independent are the other two international data sets?

The Committee intends to hold an oral evidence session in March 2010.

Pass the popcorn, this might be very interesting.

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2 Responses to “Climategate & AGW To Be Investigated By UK Parliament”

  1. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    Hopefully their “conclusions and recommendations” have not already been written. We’ve heard more than enough from the hypocritical “we must punish the evil hacker while ignoring the facts” crowd.

  2. momdear1 says:

    Here’s one you missed. In case anyone had any doubts about Obama’s real agenda, he is importing Haiti’s aids patients into the US as earthquake victims. He must think we dont’ already have enough indigent leeches sucking our system dry. If you remember, tainted blood from Haita was found to be the cause of spreading aids to the US, and the first questioned asked of emergency room patients was, “Have you bene to Haiti recently?” .