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Sep 30 2010

Crystal Ball Turning GOP Red

Larry Sabato is out with updated projections for the 2010 election cycle and things keeping getting worse for the Dems. In the House, Sabato has moved 10 races from ‘toss up‘ to ‘leans GOP‘ – all of them Dems. Long time incumbent: 13 term Kanjorski of PA 11 is on this list, as is long […]

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Sep 30 2010

Democrats Try To Sling Mud – Hit Themselves

That Meg Whitman maid thing – it ain’t going to work. Everyone knows ‘illegal’ immigrants lie to work here in the US. Everyone knows the person who broke the law and her word was not Meg Whitman. And the party that defends illegal immigrants and tries to give them blanket and full amnesty is the […]

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Sep 28 2010

Senate Races Still Boiling & Shifting (Towards GOP)

Update: As expected, Murray in WA sank back into the ‘toss up’ category at RCP because a new poll showed her only up by 1% over GOP challenger Rossi (48-47%). Murray is back under 50%, which means she is in for the fight of her political life. And with 5 weeks to go she has […]

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Sep 24 2010

I Feel The Thunder Of November From My House

We are living in exciting times. This election cycle Washington DC is going to have its bell rung by all those average Americans who reside, work and live out their lives outside the beltway. Having grown up inside the DC beltway (literally and politically) I cannot express how exciting and moving this election year has […]

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Sep 23 2010

Is GOP On Track For an 80 Seat Landslide In The House?

The bad news for Dems just keeps on coming. If you look at the RCP House Map today you find the GOP with 206 seats in their lean-strong categories (click to enlarge). This includes picking up 31 Democrat seats in the ‘leans GOP‘ and ‘likely GOP‘ groupings. As I have watched the polls shift right […]

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Sep 22 2010

It’s Shaping Up Like 1994

Gallup has some stunning polls out today, which underline once again why 2010 is going to be as bad or worse than 1994 for the Democrat Party. When the nation says it aligns with the GOP on the role of government, you know the ‘Big Government Party” Dems are in serious trouble (click to enlarge): […]

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Sep 22 2010

The Voter-Outrage Wave Cometh

It is one thing to see the conditions for massive and historic election wave falling into place and showing up in the generic polls. It is another experience all together to see surprise races popping up like dandelions in the spring. The polling news from the last two days is just a wonder to see. […]

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Sep 20 2010

Democrats’ False Bravado

One of the wonders of this election cycle is watching Democrats pretend they still have a prayer at the polls. Everyone knows they overstepped with the American people and are going to pay a heavy price for their arrogance. What is stunning is how the DC insiders are just now realizing why you don’t elect […]

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Sep 16 2010

O’Donnell Is Not The Tea Party

I really hate group think. I really hate being told by a mindless mob to get with them or else. It’s so socialistic. Let me echo something I put in a comment at Hot Air while our site was down (and it may go down again – fingers crossed it won’t). There are MANY of […]

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Sep 15 2010

Post Primary Season Reflections

This election continues to be one for the record books. I don’t think we have seen this many incumbent or establishment candidates toppled in a century. The continued, come-from-nowhere wins by Tea Party and Palin backed candidates is a clear indication that this election has a powerful and unified force behind. There is a decidedly […]

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