Sep 22 2010

It’s Shaping Up Like 1994

Gallup has some stunning polls out today, which underline once again why 2010 is going to be as bad or worse than 1994 for the Democrat Party. When the nation says it aligns with the GOP on the role of government, you know the ‘Big Government Party” Dems are in serious trouble (click to enlarge):

It seems the GOP is also getting the nod on better values as well.

Why I maintain 2010 is going to be a lot worse for Dems than 1994 is the back drop of a horrible economy this cycle. When Clinton’s Democrat Party was whacked for over reaching (on health care primarily, but also on taxes, deficits, etc) the US economy was on fire. That muted the backlash. But even then, Clinton had to declare the era of ‘big government’ over and begin acting like a deficit hawk. To this day the Dems claim the GOPs’ successful efforts to force Clinton into signing balanced budgets prove they are the party of fiscal responsibility.

For the 2010 cycle there is no way for Obama to pretend he is fiscally responsible. His deficits will in four years equal the total amount of debt this nation piled up over 225 years – no minor issue. Obama and the Dems also committed the further sin of actually passing a government take over of health care, and are trying to understand why they cannot let the Bush tax cuts expire next year!

All in all, these factors indicate 2010 will make 1994 look quaint in comparison. Which is why I have never been surprised to see so many Democrats sinking under the voter backlash wave this year. Since Scott Brown’s win in MA early this year I have stated the Dems would pay a huge price for Obamacare. This is what I said right after Brown’s win:

We have heard the government run liberal fantasies. We reject them. We heard and understood. We know better. Now you listen DC!

You can pass some small health care solutions, ones there are broad agreements on. The Reps and Indies have to go along or else that wave of anger that is still building after it hit NJ, VA and MA will be coming for them.

If DC Dems are unwilling to use this lucky lesson well, then they deserve twice the heat in November. They were, in a sadly ironic way, given a huge gift by the passing of Ted Kennedy. If they had not been forced into this special election in MA, then they would still be blissfully ignorant of their pending demise.

The Dems did not listen and here we are with November elections a few short weeks away.

BTW, want another hint why Gallup is underplaying the backlash here? These are polls of adults – not registered voters or likely voters. If you factor in the intensity gap into those results I would bet the gap opens up from GOP +8 to GOP +16.

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6 Responses to “It’s Shaping Up Like 1994”

  1. There is a good reason that the Tea Party types don’t trust the Republican establishment.

    See this on Murkowski:

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Boy, you sure are having some serious site problems. I tried to access your site about an hour ago and it never loaded (went into inifinite loop with no timeouts).

    Anyway, I was very disappointed in this move favoring Murkoski. I have to wonder if Murkowski have something over their heads that gave them no choice but I thought she had submitted a resignation?

    Perhaps Mitch needs to be replaced?

    I was at this event: but no, I’m not in any of the photos. I was busy selling raffle tickets and had to leave shortly before 8 pm so I missed Mac’s speech. Remember him? He was the one that campaigned for Olympics to pick Houston to host the summer Olympics several years ago. Yeah, his warehouse burned to the ground or something.

    It was standing room in the back. I think there were 3 local candidates there. John Grady, Jack Mormon, and one other that I don’t know his name.

    I don’t know Mary Huls very well but she ran against John Davis in the last primary but lost. Her heart is in the right place in spite of the fact that she was erroneous on a few things.

    I just cannot believe what Steve Hayes and Charles Krauthammer said that the Pledge to America is unnecessary at this time and that we should let the Democrats defend themselves. But I think that we’re seeing new norms. It seems that whatever they’ve learned over the years; some have gone out of the window and they haven’t caught up yet.

  3. WWS says:

    What Krauthammer misses is that although it may not be strictly necessary for winning this particular election, it is going to be *Very* necessary the day after the election, when Republicans have to decide what to do with their new majority. Plus, you can never claim a mandate for your ideas if you don’t put any out before the election.

    Krauthammer has surprised me this election – he’s focusing completely on very short term effects and appears to have lost sight of the long term altogether. Quite unusual for him.

    regarding the GOP Senate leaders refusal to strip Mukovski of her position: I’ve gone back and forth on this. On the one hand, it’s not of any practical value; the minority leader on that committee has no real power, and if she loses (which she almost certainly will) then the whole issue of her being a majority leader is moot.

    On the OTHER hand – reading the actual reasons given for not stripping her of her position, and it turns out that it’s basically because she’s a good friend of all of theirs and Senators like Hatch think it would just be insulting.

    Well, once again it’s this picture of the Senate Republicans as just some big members-only club that gives all the insiders special treatment. That’s the kind of attitude that has got the entire country infuriated. This isn’t about Milkcowski, so much – it’s about the Senate leadership being given a golden opportunity to show that they “get it”, finally.

    but they still DON’T get it. Not one bit.

  4. crosspatch says:

    The polls are going to be way wrong this year because I believe turnout isn’t going to mirror past years. My feeling is the Democrats are going to just stay home. Many of them aren’t going to actively vote for a Republican, but many will send their message in a passive-aggressive manner.

  5. WWS says:

    And the biggest group of all that applies to, Cross, is black voters. Without Obama on the ticket to motivate them, no way do they show up to save a bunch do nothing, whiny crackers.

    And Reid’s just doubled down on idiocy by thinking that setting up the DREAM act to fail is going to make the Mexicans show up and vote for him, or anyone else.

    Think about that for a second – that’s the only campaign strategy he’s come up with. Some have been worried about an “October surprise” or some desperate ploy by the Dems – but time’s essentially up. 90% of the voters have already made up their minds, and the Dems have nothing to offer but more idiocy.

  6. lurker9876 says:

    You refer to 90 percent of the voters that have already made up their minds, if I lived in Delaware or even in New York, I’d vote for O’Donnell and Paladino.

    Bill O’Reilly talked about Paladino tonight. He says that a Paladino win has some serious rippling domino effect across the entire nation…and a death blow to the Democratic party.