Sep 22 2010

The Voter-Outrage Wave Cometh

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It is one thing to see the conditions for massive and historic election wave falling into place and showing up in the generic polls. It is another experience all together to see surprise races popping up like dandelions in the spring. The polling news from the last two days is just a wonder to see. Here is a long list of amazing poll news from the first half of this week:

WV Senate Seat Tilts Toward GOP
WI Senate About To Tip Towards GOP
In New York, GOP’s Paladino Trails Cuomo By Only 6? Only 6?!?
One New York House Seat, Looking Like a GOP Pickup
09:WA-09: Adam Smith At Risk?
Pollster Terry Madonna Ponders Pennsylvania ‘Landslide’
77% Disapprove Of Democrat Congress
Poll Shows Miller With Big Lead Over Murkowski
Even More Here!

It still amazes me to see states like WI, WV, WA, NV, CO, CA all toss ups in the senate (with WI on the brink of moving into the lean-GOP category within a week). And this barely touches on the state level breaking news (governors, state houses, etc).

When Scott Brown won the MA senate special election riding a never before seen wave of voter anger, the Democrats were given their warning shot. What sealed their fate this November was the way they ignored this warning and then thumbed their noses at the voters and rammed through Obamacare in one of the ugliest, most hyper-partisan spectacles ever seen in the swamps of DC. That moment of rejecting the the will of the voter unleashed this tsunami now consuming incumbents, taking mostly Democrats in it wake.

The Democrats should have listened to the voters, and not the inexperienced but seductive siren song that was coming out of the White House. All that power they were promised has turned to bitter ash.

Update: Reader Kathie makes a very astute observation about what Obama and the Dems are responsible for:

Obama rightly notes that he was handed a terrible economy. But now we learn that the recession he inherited was just five months away from being over when he took office. So while Obama doesn’t own the recession in any way, shape or form, he certainly owns the recovery, which is now well into its 15th month.

Very true. The great recession ended (supposedly) in the summer of 2009, which gave the Democrats plenty of time to stimulate a recovery. Except we know that their Keynesian approach was a massive failure, trickling out government largesse too slowly to do any good, and instead running up massive deficits. The Dems may have received less backlash to Obamacare if the economy was growing, but that is all speculation. Reality is what it is, and the Democrats are heading for a massive blow come this November.

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  1. kathie says:

    Obama had set his agenda before he became President, really 2 years before he became President.

    He always planned to rescind the tax cuts for the wealthy. He always planned to give the poor and middle class piles of money (the stimulus or the equalizer that he campaigned on.) He always planned to socialize medical care. He planned to end our participation in Iraq, freeing up money for his social plans, like Clinton did to balance the budget, take from defense to do it. Maybe he thought killing bin Laden would be easy and Bush just didn’t do it because he was a war monger. So Afghanistan would end within the year too. What he didn’t count on was a recession. The recession screwed up his plans royally and he was furious……but he implemented his plans by other names and we are where we are, screwed.

    Because the media loved him and didn’t bother to ask him how his plans would work given the new economic circumstances, I guess he thought with his slick tongue everything would magically work out. Well Mr. Obama, most of us have learned that life is tough, there is no easy street, and we predicted the outcome, because we have lived the real life.

  2. WWS says:

    Notice what’s happened in Congress since it’s gone back into session – and if you answer “Nothing at all!” you win the prize! Here they come back into town to try and somehow make voters think they are competent and instead they just put on a show of total incompetence and bug out of town as quickly as possible.

    And even though some want to, I don’t think much will happen in a lame duck session. They are all going to be too demoralized to even try.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    I also don’t think Pelosi and Reid will have the vote during the lame duck session as the Blue Dogs would have shifted away from their influence at that point. If the November elections happens to be a massive wave for the Republican party, the Blue Dogs might get the message.

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