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May 03 2013

Big Government Blow Back In 2014?

Has the liberal madness in DC once again left a putrid taste in the mouths of voters and businesses? Has Obama’s train wreck with Obamacare and Illegal immigration pushed the electorate into a state that will make the 2010 election shellacking of Democrats look mild? It’s possible! Only two days into the general election to […]

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May 01 2013

Our First Electoral Test for 2014: The “Know-It-All” vs. The “Do-It-All”

[Image Source] Boy, you could not set up a more polarizing race than the one brewing in Massachusetts. And I don’t mean political poles, I means reality poles. I was born and raised inside the beltway. I am one of those rare NoVa natives who understand the world of DC, but being from across the […]

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