May 01 2013

Our First Electoral Test for 2014: The “Know-It-All” vs. The “Do-It-All”

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Boy, you could not set up a more polarizing race than the one brewing in Massachusetts. And I don’t mean political poles, I means reality poles.

I was born and raised inside the beltway. I am one of those rare NoVa natives who understand the world of DC, but being from across the river and out in the woods (or what were the woods) of Virginia I am also very much a fly-over kind of person. In the words of the esteemed Jeff Foxworthy – “I are one!” In the sense I am not a DC power addict. Just the opposite. I are (am) Average Joe American

The nation has been dividing, but not so much along racial, p0litical, religious social or even sexual lines. There are, of course, fracture lines in these areas (I would be shocked if there weren’t). But the big schism developing is between the Political Industrial Complex (PIC) – inhabited by the Political Elite and their entourage (read ‘media’ here, as well as lobbyists, handlers, etc) – and everyone else living and working and raising their families in the real America that exists outside DC. The opposing poles have been building between our failed and washed up leaders (who have gone over the deep end on so many levels) and the rest of America.

It is a battle between the “Know-It-Alls” and the “Do-It-Alls

And now we have a special election in Massachusetts right before the next midterm cycle in 2014. In 2009 it was a special election for the Senate seat held by Edward Kennedy (big time liberal) that set the stage for the Tea Party tsunami that wiped out Democrats at all levels of government. This year, it is a special election to replace John Kerry (big time liberal). This round, like last time, it will also be between a beltway insider (the “know-it-all”) and the man from Main Street (representing those of us who “do-it-all”):

Will he be the next Scott Brown?

Gabriel E. Gomez, a 47-year-old son of immigrants who became a Navy pilot and SEAL before becoming a private equity investor, won the Republican nomination tonight for the US Senate special election to replace John F. Kerry, bringing a fresh face to a race that had drawn scant interest from an electorate distracted by the Boston Marathon bombings.

Meanwhile, veteran US Representative Edward J. Markey beat fellow Representative Stephen F. Lynch in the race for the Democratic nod in the traditionally blue state.

“If you are looking for someone who refuses to work with the other party, I’m not your guy. … If you are looking for an independent voice, a new kind of Republican, take a look at our campaign. I’d welcome your support,” he [Gomez] said.

He promised to “approach this job with a military man’s discipline, a father’s sensitivity, and a businessman’s experience.”

The guy is the epitome of Main Street. A defender, a home builder and a businessman. No wonder he won the primary. Let’s just see if the GOP establishment can stop from panicking (as they do whenever a force from outside the PIC comes knocking, ref Herman Cain) and get this guy elected.

Ed Markey is, well, a career politician:

Markey, 66, of Malden is a long-time liberal with 36 years in the House. He is considered a Washington insider and experienced dealmaker who steadily pursues his goals. Minority leader Nancy Pelosi said he was one of the “disrupters” when he first arrived in Congress but now knows “how to get the job done.”

Hopefully Gomez has a strong small-government, Libertarian core in him. Either way, he will be needed to replace retiring New England Senators (which are needed to keep control of the Senate).

So now we have a race. Between the old-and-busted, and the new-hotness!

Update: Katherine Ham has good post up on this at Hot Air. Big downer may be his support for Obama, but lots of people were duped. We need to allow those who wish to adjust their views to do so, with grace.

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5 Responses to “Our First Electoral Test for 2014: The “Know-It-All” vs. The “Do-It-All””

  1. Frogg1 says:

    It’s Massachusetts. Don’t forget that. I get the sense that Gomez is more of an “Independent Leaning” mind; not a “Libertarian Leaning” mind (similar to where Scott Brown was). That probably makes him the best chance the Republicans have for a competitive race in MA. He is, however, what I like to call a “citizen candidate”…..from among the people class, not the political class, so I’ll be rooting for him! I have no illusions though. His voting record is certain to be a mixed bag at the end of the day. I think it will be hard for him to pull out a victory for sure; but, he just may have what it takes. It will be an interesting race to watch unfold.

    Six ways the GOP can make the Mass. Senate race competitive

  2. oneal lane says:

    “Independent, new kind of Republican” usually equates to another Melvin Moderate, of the Olympia Snowe–John McCain–Graham Axis. If he was gullable enough to be fooled by Obama, Just 5 years ago, well….. don’t hold your breath.

    But then as Frogg says, its Mass. its about the best you can expect there.

  3. Frogg1 says:

    A second poll just released by PPP has Gomez within 4 points of Markey.

    Gomez, Markey in tight race for Massachusetts Senate

    I’m shocked it is that close.