May 03 2013

Big Government Blow Back In 2014?

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Has the liberal madness in DC once again left a putrid taste in the mouths of voters and businesses? Has Obama’s train wreck with Obamacare and Illegal immigration pushed the electorate into a state that will make the 2010 election shellacking of Democrats look mild?

It’s possible!

Only two days into the general election to fill Secretary of State John Kerry’s Massachusetts Senate seat, the race between longtime Democratic Rep. Ed Markey and Republican businessman Gabriel Gomez is fairly close.

According to an Emerson College poll released Thursday, Gomez trails Markey by just six points in the blue state, 36 percent to 42 percent.

The close dynamic of this race is in stark contrast to the Special 2010 Election where Republican Scott Brown trailed Attorney General Martha Coakley (D) 58% to 27% (Suffolk University Poll 11/8/2009).

Katherine Ham links to an interview with the moderate Republican candidate:

One thing for republicans, libertarians and conservatives to remember is: control of the Senate is imperative to undo the madness of Obama, Reid and Pelosi.  The current political stalemate (as our economy once again stalls) is a clear reminder of why we need a full spectrum of GOP views to gain a majority, and how purity is the path to irrelevance. Here’s hoping for a 2014 blowout election.


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4 Responses to “Big Government Blow Back In 2014?”

  1. gwood says:

    I agree that 2014 will be much more like 2010 than 2012. Obama’s not on the ballot, but liberalism, exploding and imploding all around us, is on the ballot.


    The same “low information” voters that elected Obama, are notoriously apathetic when it comes to non Presidential elections.

  2. Frogg1 says:

    In a related situation across the pond……did you see the results of the UKIP party in the Brit election yesterday? UKIP started out as a one issue party (anti-EU) 19 yrs ago….but, over the past few years embraced a lot of similar Libertarian Tea Party ideas. They were considered a joke and called clowns, etc……until last night when UKIP won some big seats. You can google and read articles and listen to interviews with Nigel Farage; but, one article struck a nerve with me in talking about “manipulative populsim” as a strategy for politcal victories. Seems they copied it from US Democrats….and Brits are now sick of it. Here’s a quote, and I’ll put the link at the end:

    “Without meaning to, Mr Farage has, therefore, become a symbol of national protest against the political class and its now bankrupt methodologies of triangulation, voter targeting, focus groups, eye-catching initiatives and advertising gimmicks – all the ghastly apparatus that has been elegantly encapsulated by the political thinker Anthony Barnett in the phrase “manipulative populism”.

    Started by New Labour (who copied it from Clinton’s New Democrats) and duplicated in turn by Conservative modernisers, manipulative populism has hollowed out the three main political parties. Voters have recoiled in despair from what they perceive as their artifice and deceit, and alighted instead on Mr Farage, with his pint of beer, his Rothmans, his cheerful saloon-bar views and his patent authenticity. As a result, Ukip has ceased to be just a single-issue party. It has steadily widened into a broad-based national revolt against a remote and cynical ruling elite.

  3. joe six-pack says:

    I sure hope you are right. However, I don’t put to much on one special election. After all, we did rfe-elect President Obama knowing what he is.

  4. patrioticduo says:

    The populist President always has a limited lifetime. Obama is no exception. He only just squeaked through for his second term and the mendacity of the complicit media is the only reason he is isn’t retired already. Circumstances favoured him too; imagine if Sandy Hook had occurred a month before his election? Imagine if Benghazi had happened a month earlier? Congressional rep’s never get the kind of cache that the President can garner as part of the Presidential election hoopla. So Congressional elections are more honest and real. Congressman have to handle to be handled locally. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about American politics in my short 11 years here; it’s the truth that all politics is local except for Presidential elections. So, the American middle as usual will turn this coming 2014 congressional election into a progressive bloodbath even worse than 2010. Obamacare, Obama’s quintessential accomplishment, will be the train wreck of enormous proportion that all of us (small c) conservatives know it is. When the electorate realizes just how bad the price of health care has become. And when the people discover, to their total disliking, shock and amazement, the labyrnthine bureaucratic miasma combined with the law of unintended consequences, the revolt will be punishing on the current order. My prediction is that, in one of the most ironic twists of fate, Obamacare won’t even be law two or three years from now.