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Jan 23 2012

Mitt Blows Florida Debate, Santorum Shines, Newt Expands Momentum

Good lord, Mitt really is in trouble. It is not that Newt did great job (not even close to his performance in the last SC debate), but Romney blew it. He had no spark, no intensity. The best answers actually came from Santorum, who in my mind won the debate technically. He was spot on […]

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Jan 23 2012

Newt Has Completely Upended The 2012 Race

For those frustrated voters who sent a wave of new faces to DC in 2010 – to only see them stymied and gagged by the Democrat run Senate and the impotent Super Committee – Newt Gringrich’s campaign represents something important. He is a poke in the eye to the Political Industrial Complex, a signal that […]

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