May 12 2011

Obamacare Fails – Big Time!

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There is a striking story from the AP today, which does not seem to be getting much attention. It turns out Obamacare’s ignorant, naive and overly complex Rube Goldberg solution to ‘fix’ the best health care system on the planet has run into a major problem. It has been rejected by 90% of the premiere health organizations as impossible to implement:

Just over a month ago, the administration released long-awaited draft regulations for “accountable care organizations,” networks of doctors and hospitals that would collaborate to keep Medicare patients healthier and share in the savings with taxpayers.

But in an unusual rebuke, an umbrella group representing premier organizations such as the Mayo Clinic wrote the administration Wednesday saying that more than 90 percent of its members would not participate, because the rules as written are so onerous it would be nearly impossible for them to succeed.

When premiere providers of health care conclude the nonsense produced by a community organizer who thinks in simpleton, primary colors is pretty much guaranteed to fail, that is one heluva rebuke!

Organizations like the Mayo Clinic (emphasis mine) are in the business of saving lives under extremely challenging conditions. If they determined Obamacare will not work, then the verdict is in – scrap it and scrap it now. No need to listen to BS propaganda from politicians with no deep comprehension of medical care, insurance, etc. No need to listen to babbling bubble heads in the ‘news’ media drone on and on from their Bachelor of Arts grasp of science and medicine.

90% of the leading authorities in the medical field just publicly rejected Obamacare. Time to scrap that trillion dollar mistake and start over.

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  1. dhunter says:

    Huston we have a problem.
    Patriots call your congress critters especially the entrenched fossils in the Repugnantcan Party including and especially the ever Bawling John Boehner.

    Seems they have the spines of jelly fish and memories of the perverbial elephant.

    Even the newly elcted Alan West said over turning Obamacare was a distraction from more important battles.

    Perhaps, in the Senate, he may be right, but since the House holds the purse strings and there is substanitial moneys hidden in the Obamascare bill for implementation funding, the House clowns need to be reminded of the madate that was Nov. 2010 and of the fact they may very well find themselves victims of a Tea Party rebellion if they don’t unfund this power grab and payoff to favor dem constituencies…UNIONS!

    My Congressman Steve King R IA and Michelle Bachman R MN are the only two I hear making noise and continuing this fight.

    Perhaps they need more new blood to rally the opposition as the ever bawling John Boehner seems more interested in not offending his friends ala McCain.

    The Good Old Boys will play their normal games and move us more slowly to socialism and fiscal armageddeon if not held to account early and often, it’s who they are and how they play the game. Political Panderers, not serious players, when it comes to the nations real problems. As AJ says they have no experience other than telling folks what they want to hear.
    They are for the most part experts on nothing but getting re-elected and spending money… other peoples money.

  2. oneal lane says:

    The Obama solution is of course to implement “single payer” which is the endgame.

    The media is playing up Obama’s “invincibility” during the coming election, I do not know what will happen. The election is a long way off and things can change. At this point I am not excited about the chances of a GOP victory.

    Obama is still quite popular and Americans tend to like to “give em a brake” when it comes to presidents. so we may well see another Obama term. If so, then “Single payer” will be floated again soon.

    Let us hope he is defeated.

  3. CatoRenasci says:

    Good catch AJ!

    oneal lane’s concerns are reasonable: there is no really viable Republican who wants to run in 2012.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    ObamaCare is being argued before two appellate courts, right? The judges in one appellate court are confused about the differences between “activity” versus “inactivity”.

    This whole thing may hinge on the outcome of the US Supreme Court or next year’s elections.

    There isn’t one emerging from the Republican lineup just yet and we may need a dark horse to defeat Obama next year. I am still a bit nervous as I watch Obama doing things to “buy” votes.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    Will Courts Undo the Health Care Overhaul?

    EJ Dionne channels his inner Krugman

    WASHINGTON — As if our political system was not having enough trouble already, we now confront the possibility that a highly partisan judiciary will undo a modest health care reform that is a first step toward resolving a slew of other difficulties.

    Somebody explain to me how a total revision of the health care systems with massive new numbers of government deciders and what ever can possibly be considered modest on any scale

    And we Americans are thoroughly inconsistent. We supposedly oppose government health care, yet Medicare — essentially a system of socialized insurance — is an exceedingly popular program. That’s why House Republicans are paying such a high political price for their efforts to dismantle it.

    Gee and it is the dem health care bill that rips away supplemental coverage for Medicare and also take a half a trillion of those dollars to spend for other purposes

    Read more:

  6. oneal lane says:


    Agreed, I am hearing very little from the GOP about repealing Obamacare these days.

    It appears they have all but conceded fighting and the pat answer is “we only control a small part of government but we are waiting for 2012” A far cry for the earlier promises.

    And if Obama gets another term the Supreme court will be a total loss. He will have 2 maybe 3 justices he can replace with leftist stooges.

    At that point might as haul down the Stars and Stripes and hoist the Union Jack and prepare for the kind of Govt our Britsh brothers suffer.

  7. WWS says:

    Related to this topic The Wall Street Journal has just come out with an editorial about Romneycare that is breathtaking – you rarely see a major news outlet publish a piece that is, honestly, intended to single-handedly destroy forever the political hopes of its target. This one hits the mark, Mitt Romney, like a guided missile.

    And what’s most amazing is that this is an absolutely brilliant intellectual critique of Romney’s Massachusetts policies that should have been made years ago. There is no “answer” to any of this that he can make, and it’s probably far too late for him to renounce all his old beliefs and attempt to recreate himself.

    Why this will kill Romney, even if it’s not widely read today: (but of course it will be) Because in any future primary race, all any challenger has to do is read this editorial and challenge Romney with the ideas presented in it, over and over again. He has no argument against it.

    The last paragraphs are where the WSJ goes for the kill shot:

    “In reality, his ostensible liberal allies like the late Ted Kennedy saw an opening to advance their own priorities, and in Mr. Romney they took advantage of a politician who still doesn’t seem to understand how government works. It’s no accident that RomneyCare’s most vociferous defenders now are in the White House and left-wing media and think tanks. They know what happened, even if he doesn’t.
    For a potential President whose core argument is that he knows how to revive free market economic growth, this amounts to a fatal flaw. Presidents lead by offering a vision for the country rooted in certain principles, not by promising a technocracy that runs on “data.” Mr. Romney’s highest principle seems to be faith in his own expertise.

    More immediately for his Republican candidacy, the debate over ObamaCare and the larger entitlement state may be the central question of the 2012 election. On that question, Mr. Romney is compromised and not credible. If he does not change his message, he might as well try to knock off Joe Biden and get on the Obama ticket.”

  8. WWS says:

    oneal – a thought about hauling down the flag; If I have to haul down the Stars and Stripes I ain’t putting up a Union Jack in it’s place.

    I’m gonna go for the Jolly Roger.

    “Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” – H.L. Mencken

  9. oneal lane says:


    Of course my remark about the Union Jack was not intended to be literal, it was more of a literary device.

    I saw that article on Romney in WSJ also. Yep, your correct, he really cannot survive long in the debate. There is really no defensive explanation for R-Care that is not so complex that the average voter will take the time to digest.

    Who will it be?

  10. Wilbur Post says:

    I think the Republicans should run ads featuring Botox Pelosi saying “we gotta pass it to find out what’s in it” juxtaposed with these headlines.

  11. lurker9876 says:

    I cannot believe that the Senate Dems hauled the 5 CEOs from the major oil companies today and that they are planning to submit a resolution next week to repeal the 21B tax incentives.

    They’re going to do far more harm to the domestic oil industry.

  12. lurker9876 says:

    And how Obama blamed the layoffs of government employees for the rising unemployment rate….

  13. WWS says:

    stick a fork in Newt too, he’s done before he ever started.

    unless he can figure out how to beat this:


    fta: anyone can dump one sick wife. It takes a special man to dump two.

  14. lurker9876 says:

    Newt is on my “Do not vote” list unless he wins the nomination. But I don’t think he will win the nomination.

    I think Mitt is also done.

    I don’t think Palin will run.

    I don’t think Bachman will run.

    I could be wrong.

    Aces of Spades reports that GAO says that they will NOT default if the debt ceiling limit remains the same. GAO says that they can find ways to pay off the interest payment.

    [url=”″]GAO: Yes, We Stand By Our Prior Ruling That, To Avoid a Default, the Government May Prioritize Interest Payments on Debt Over Current Government Spending[/url]

    [quote]This is what the GOP keeps saying– that if the debt ceiling is not raised, it does not mean a default, because the government will have plenty of money coming in. Just not enough to pay interest on old debt and maintain current spending.

    So, if we don’t raise the debt ceiling, it just forces the government to cut spending.

    Of course Obama could also choose to not cut spending, and just default. But that would be his choice. He cannot say he was forced to do that, or the GOP demanded he do that.

    The GAO (Government Accounting Office) had previously ruled it in-bounds for the Treasury to priortize debt service (and avoiding a default) over current spending plans.

    There was some question as to whether that ruling still held; Business Insider says they “hear” the GAO just reaffirmed it still applied in a letter to Congress.

    Not so much a huge victory for the GOP but the avoidance of a loss — if the GAO had said the opposite, the Democrats would have the ammunition to claim that no debt ceiling hike = automatic default.

    They can’t say that now.

    Wait, what am I talking about. Of course they can and will say that.

    It just won’t be true.

    In case that matters.

    Which it doesn’t.

    Update: Via Vic — on Monday, fresh Treasury bill auctions should take us over the limit. So the deadline is upon us.[/quote]

  15. WWS says:

    when I sit back and look at everything going on these days, I can’t escape the conclusion that we’ve now begun the Endgame. For everything.

    This country’s destiny for the next century is going to be shaped, for good or for bad, by the events and choices that will be made over the next 18 months.

    farther out than that, and it’s too late to change course. Ask Greece how that works.

  16. ivehadit says:

    WWS, you are so right. it is now more than ever that we must BELIEVE that we will prevail.

    There is a psychological game of warfare that is going on in this country, trying to defeat us emotionally as well as financially. In essence, trying to steal our very souls and kill our joys of being American, getting us to BELIEVE we cannot succeed, that terror and financial malaise is unavoidable. That is FALSE!

    It is our job NOT to accept the definition that we cannot prevail. We are the only country that has the ability to lift ourselves up and SUCCEED.

    We have faced this enemy before and won so we must NOT give in to self-defeat. I fear that many are succumbing to the psychological attack which is exactly what our global socialist commrades want us to do. They are using the “drip, drip, drip” model to attempt to defeat us.

    Our ammunition is to be aware, awake and aggressively passing the word that we will not tire nor relent in SAVING OUR BELOVED AMERICA. And to take down at every turn, their oh so subtle attempts to destroy our freedoms.

    WE REJECT THE GLOBAL SOCIALISTS'(media now included in this group) FUTURE FOR AMERICA and claim our own.

    We all know what to do. And *every* little bit will help.

  17. AJ,

    This is a “pre-revolutionary” situation for any government, let alone a Democracy.

    We have a law that;

    1) A majority of the American public actively oppose,

    2) That the industry it applies to refuses to obey,

    3) Is impossible to implement on its face even if that industry tried,

    4) Which Means the regulatory bodies have no way to force even the facade of compliance by making examples of prominent scofflaws and,

    5) All the regulatory agencies can do is shut down existing healthcare facilities and further enrage the popular majority opposed while it erodes support for the law.

    Like I said, Pre-revolutionary.

    This, BTW, is also where the EPA is with it’s attempt to do a regulatory enactment of carbon taxes.

  18. ivehadit says:

    So the Supreme Court needs to get on this…next year. I hope we can wait that long.

    Did you all see the video up today at of George W.Bush?
    THAT is American Exceptionalism. That is how we do things in America…