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Aug 05 2009

Is There A Backlash Brewing Against DC’s Liberals

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Did the liberal dinosaurs Congress, in a fit of power drunken madness, over reach? Was our liberal leaning, young and naive President caught up in a liberal policy madness that has proven to be more of a disaster than many would have even thought possible? To many people, the answer is obvious given how poorly […]

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Aug 05 2009

Birthers Helping President Obama & Liberal Democrats Dodge Responsibility For Their Policy Failures

  The Birther fools out there are making any real opposition to the failed liberal policies of President Obama and the liberal old guard in Congress a laughing stock. The angry-mob style protesters who have infiltrated town halls around the country are the non-organic product of “tea-baggers,” “birthers,” and the conservative fringe, two Senate Democratic […]

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