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Feb 12 2009

Dems Close The Barn Door After The Horses Have Escaped

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This is nuts. The economy may be rebounding a bit days before we go mortgage the next two generations with debt at the alter of liberal pork spending: Sales at U.S. retailers unexpectedly halted a record six-month slide in January, an advance that may not be sustained as job losses climb. The 1 percent increase […]

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Feb 12 2009

Adult Stem Cells Cure AIDS & Leukemia Simultaneously

As Embryonic Stem Cell Research continues to flail away (while wasting money and killing viable young human beings) Adult Stem Cell Research keeps making stunning medical breakthroughs. News is out that an AIDS patient stricken with Leukemia was cured of both by an experimental Adult Stem Cell therapy: A German AIDS patient was able to […]

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