Feb 12 2009

Adult Stem Cells Cure AIDS & Leukemia Simultaneously

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As Embryonic Stem Cell Research continues to flail away (while wasting money and killing viable young human beings) Adult Stem Cell Research keeps making stunning medical breakthroughs. News is out that an AIDS patient stricken with Leukemia was cured of both by an experimental Adult Stem Cell therapy:

A German AIDS patient was able to stop drugs he had been taking for 10 years after getting a transplant of stem cells from a donor with a rare gene variant known to resist the deadly disease. The transplant also cured his leukemia, researchers reported.

It is amazing anyone who even a modicum of a science or medical background is still wasting time on the corpses of embryos.

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  2. gary1son says:

    Like all these stories about adult stem cells actually being at work, there is no real mention of “adult”, or any focus on the fact that there is so much progress here, and not on the embryonic front. In fact, most people see “stem cells”, and just associate that with embryonic — the phrase “embryonic stem cell” having been drummed into our heads by the media. They’re erroneously thinking …. hmm… those Republicans would deny us this potential treatment if they had their way.

    I wonder if any in the liberal gay community have noticed the tangible promise of adult stem cells, and have become frustrated with their party’s wacky and IMHO dark obsession with the other type that seems to have produced such amorphous results.

  3. Wayne at Jeremiah Films says:

    I’ve quoted and linked to your post from Discerning Science – Human Life – Adult Stem Cells which will contain articles on adult stem cells.

  4. Jeff Stone says:

    Thank you for keeping this story alive.

    It seems to be too good to be allowed to be true.

  5. Wayne at Jeremiah Films says:

    gary1son, you have a blog? you are right, the media rarely uses the word Adult when talking about stem cells. And, many people do not actually know how much success Adult stem cells have and how little embryonic stem cells have.

    If you can help get out the word please do.

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