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Dec 10 2008

Chicago Dominos Beginning To Fall – Where Might They Fall Next?

The Chicago-Way Corruption Scandal (now a new category here at the Strata-Sphere) is actually a legal domino effect that is just beginning to fall. First we had Rezko, then Blagojevich, and now the Deputy Governor of Illinois has resigned: Deputy Gov. Bob Greenlee submitted his resignation Wednesday, Blagojevich spokesman Lucio Guerrero said. He did not […]

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Dec 10 2008

Obama Really Is Clinton 2.0

I really did flirt with the idea of supporting Obama early on. The concept of new blood and fresh ideas in DC was so appealing Obama was worthy of consideration on that aspect alone. But Obama has a record of being very liberal, has taken liberal positions on votes, even though he talks more centrist.  […]

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