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Dec 09 2008

Was Blag Blackmailing Obama? Update: A Rahm Emmanuel Connection?

Major Update: Some news local reporters are getting hints the President-Elect Obama’s Chief of Staff -Rep  Rahm Emmanuel – may have tipped off authorities on Blag’s efforts to extort the President-Elect (as I posited in this post originally: Here is a transcript of the key part from Think Progress:  CONATY: We did receive a tip this […]

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Dec 09 2008

Feds Bag Blagojevich On Corruption Charges

Seems Governor Rod Blagojevich has been spending most of his time in office trying to maximize the gold lining of his pockets. The FBI has arrested him and his Chief of Staff on numerous counts, allegedly supported by wire taps and other crystal clear and damning evidence: Blagojevich is accused of a wide-ranging criminal conspiracy, including […]

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Dec 09 2008

Want To Kill An Industry? Let The Government Run It!

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For those too young to remember the Soviet Union and its government run industries the one thing the USSR proved is how bureaucracies can destroy an industry. It takes bureaucracy so long to make changes (every decision is by committee and analyzed to death) that it doesn’t take long for the ‘government run industry’ to fall hopelessly […]

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