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Aug 09 2006

Probable Terrorists Arrested In Ohio

This news is well timed with the national debate going on about where to fight the war on terror (and whether to take it seriously by monitoring phone calls between terrorists and their agents here in the US). It concerns the arrest of two men who seem to have been attempting a terrorist attack here […]

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Aug 09 2006

Iranians In Lebanon and Iraq

The news that Iranians have been found in Lebanon amongst the Hezbollah fighters killed in action with the IDF should be no surprise. Last month news came out of Iraq that Iranians where fighting along insurgents in Iraq. And it is no surpise either that Iranian weapons are being found in both Lebanon and Iraq. […]

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Aug 09 2006

The Lieberman Loss

Sorry folks, but meetings take priority so blogging will remain light for another day or two. Joe Lieberman lost his primary in a very close race which illustrates the schism that is going to be front and center in this year’s elections. On one side of this divide are the democrats who remain strongly pro-US […]

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