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Mar 24 2006

DoJ Responds To Congressional FISA Questions

*** Welcome Powerline readers – always a pleasure to have you fine folks grace our blog. Powerline noted my over use of the word ‘bombshell’ – fair enough. I had to use something to pull out the really important news. However, the news that a FISA judge would potentially alert the target of surveillance that […]

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Mar 24 2006

Forget Embryonic Stem Cells

Sperm generating cells are best! German scientists said on Friday they had isolated sperm-producing stem cells that have similar properties to embryonic stem cells from adult mice. If the same type of cells in humans show similar qualities the researchers from the Georg-August-University of Goettingen believe they could be used in stem cell research which […]

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Mar 24 2006

Russians Spied For Saddam – For Oil?

Two plus two folks.  First this: Russia provided intelligence to Iraq’s government on U.S. military movements in the opening days of the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, a Pentagon report released on Friday said. The report said an April 2, 2003, document from the Iraqi minister of foreign affairs to President Saddam Hussein stated that Russian […]

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Mar 24 2006

Redstate Joke

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*** Major Update: Domenech resigns from Washington Post [sad to see this happen to anyone] *** *** Note: I was not aware of the depth of this debate when I started this post. I caught the Redstate frustration with one of their own being called names and was simply posting on my own experience with […]

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Mar 24 2006

Thee Are Offensive To Me – Remove Thyself!

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So, if something is offensive in the public square it must be removed [h/t Ed Morrissey]? The story of the bunny’s eviction from the lobby of the City Council offices was the talk of the town on public airwaves, in skyways and on websites throughout the country on Thursday. Even Fox’s Bill O’Reilly asked about […]

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Mar 24 2006

French Agent Had Goods On Hussein’s WMDs

Major Kudos to Mark Coffey for bringing attention to this Walter Pincus story in the Washington Post yesterday (how did I miss this with all those google searches???). The story is about an incredibly high placed French spy in Hussein’s government: Deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein’s last foreign minister, Naji Sabri, was a paid spy […]

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Mar 24 2006

Our Tactics Verses Their Tactics

Laura Ingrahm has become a really good conservative radio personality recently. Her trip to Iraq, to see first hand what was happening there, should be sufficient in anyone’s book for some serious respect. Wednesday morning she was discussing President Bush’s recent challenge to the media to balance their reporting on events in Iraq. Bush has […]

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Mar 24 2006

The Council Has Spoken!

This week’s top post from the Watcher’s Council have been announced and here are the results. In the council category the winner was Autum Ashante: Child Prodigy Or Something Else? by The Education Wonks, with second place going to A Tale of Two Fathers by Right Wing Nut House. In the none council category the […]

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Mar 24 2006

Time Is Running Out For Terrorists In Pakistan

Regional leaders in the tribal regions and the province of Waziristan are desperately proposing alternatives to what appears to be a pending action to clean house. Today the region’s leaders plead for more time for talks and the opportunity for local law enforcement to have the first crack at removing the foreign fighters who clearly […]

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