Mar 24 2006

Redstate Joke

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*** Major Update: Domenech resigns from Washington Post [sad to see this happen to anyone] ***

*** Note: I was not aware of the depth of this debate when I started this post. I caught the Redstate frustration with one of their own being called names and was simply posting on my own experience with Redstatge – which is off my blogroll and I do not visit anymore. However, with that said, I did farther down come to understand the ‘issue’ more. For me, the rants and name calling from the left against conservatives is a badge of honor. I felt Erik was over reacting and giving credibility to the rants by addressing them. Anyway, I wanted to explain the evolution of this post. I do not know Mr. Domenech at all or am I familiar with his writings. He does deserve space to fix his reputation if he can, and no one should be even mentioning the garbage spewed at him by the maturity-challenged left. ***

I had to laugh at this latest tirade from the site that banned me because I thought many of the regulars were zealots on Miers:

In fact, Ben has been a leader in keeping those he dubs the “evilcons” off RedState. Unbeknownst to all of you, RedState continually self-polices and purges its own ranks of those who might be allies, but are too filled with hate to function in the internet society we choose to create.

For those who don’t know what these clowns created, here is what they posted while banning me for calling them zealots (which they were on the Miers issue – and zealot to me is not a bad thing to be called if you believe in a cause):

Oh, I get it. You’re an idiot.
Insult your opponents and we’ll treat you like the moron you are.
Nah. Stupidity irritates me for its own sake.
Or because your ability to read is proof that God grants miracles every day.
Well, you’re first. We’re not actually intent on harming the Dear Leader. We know that would hurt you much worse than anything we could do to you.

By the way, this is the last time I give you the benefit of the doubt on the “fanatic” thing. Understood?

Understand I called these people fanatics and zealots on the Miers issue that is all. At the same time I was linking to their posts in support of their positions on other issues. I was also copying my posts from here to their site. So take all this grandiose posturing with a huge grain of salt. Redstate is not nearly as pure as they tell themselves.

With that said, the message of the Redstate post is spot on. People making these vicious attacks are the real problem, not people who post their opinions for public debate and consideration. This cannot be tolerated. The problem has always been those glibbed mouthed, insulting cons who get all exercised when those tactics are used against them. Maybe if Redstate hadn’t been so heavy handed and insulting when debating issues they would not be facing in-kind attacks now.

Personally, I have no clue why Erik is giving all these whacko’s credit by addressing and repeating their wild accusations. This is the kind of stuff best left to decay from its own waste products.

Addendum: Rick Moran makes a solid case why Ben Domenech should possibly bow out of the Washington Post position he obtained (the source of all the fuss). Rick, who I respect a lot, notes there is a serious possible plagarism problem which, if true, would mean that a retreat might be the best option here.

Major Update: Michelle Malkin, whom worked with Domenech, has come out agreeing things look bad for the guy and he should step down. Redstate is going to a bit red faced over this – but if they want to retain their ‘standards’ they will have to deal with this.

From Moran’s site here is supposedly a good round up of the plagiarism issue at Poitical Pit Bull.

This is a tough issue. Ben Domenech is not innocent because the left went unhinged and started attacking his family – that is their crime and they should be called on it and raked over the coals for it. Domenech has some explaining to do on the plagiarism issue, just like Redstate as explaining to do on a lot of bad behavior on their part. All of these bad acts are not connected. The left is a muck-raking cess pool on a good day, on a bad day conservative sites sometimes copy their style.

Domenech should stay where he is until the plagiarism issue is resolved. And everyone should just ignore the sewage spewing from the left – it has no bearing on Domenech or his family. To wrap the two topics together is giving the left too much credence and credit and complicating the issue of Domenech’s reputation. Redstate could do Domenech a huge favor by simply toning down all the talk about the left’s sewage….

It is not solving anything to rant on and on about it.

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  1. Seixon says:

    Call me crazy, but it almost seems as if the Washington Post might have chosen Domenech because he is so controversial, and thus would have a good excuse to purge themselves of the conservative blogger they just brought onto the team.

    I mean, why didn’t they choose some conservative blogger that isn’t so, eh, lame?

    Just seems like a charade to me.

  2. HaroldHutchison says:

    At this point, I’d need proof on the plagarism. I don’t join lynch mobs – be they against DPW, Harriet Miers, or Ben Domemech.

    What I feel is far more important is the fact that between the antics of the DFL in Minnesota against Midwest Heroes and the actions in response to just setting up a conservative blog at the Washington Post is the fact that the left has openly declared war on freedom of speech. They have no tolerance (which they purport to promote). Ben Domenech might have committed plagarism, but that is unproven as of yet, and it’s also fishy, given the multiple lines of attack that have already been used. It might convince Ronnie Earle, but I’m not convinced yet.

    But even with his imperfections, the issue here is whether we let someone be slimed and smeared. It’s become bigger than past donnybrooks in my mind. It’s about defending a person’s right to have opinions – and to promulgate them, either via a blog, via speaking, or in any other venue his or her talents make possible.

  3. ordi says:

    Redstate has a post concerning the the plagarism charge. There are links so go to redstate and click on the links.

    Idiots Attack Ben. [Blanton]
    So just how absurd has this gotten? Well, look at this from National Review. Now look at this. Ben wrote the part attributed to him at National Review. But, he also wrote the one at Crosswalk. Yet, the idiots are accusing him of plagiarism. Have they no shame?
    Posted at 03/24/2006 07:18:12 AM CST – #

  4. Sensible Mom says:

    Domenech And Plagiarism?…

    At this point, Ben Domenech has not answered the allegations. So before jumping to conclusions it’s best to wait to hear what he has to say. Given the drivel and nonsense the left has peddled as fact in the past, I’m inclined to think there’s a lo…

  5. HaroldHutchison says:

    It looks like they are nto just after Ben Domenech. They’re going after anyone who disagrees with them. Now the target is Erick Erickson.

    His “crime”? He just worked to pass a bill to prevent vote fraud. They’re not in this for debate any more. They want those of us who disagree with their agenda silenced.

  6. HaroldHutchison says:

    Ben Domenech has resigned.

    Looks like the thugs at Daily Kos have their scalp.

  7. ReidBlog says:

    A pain in the blogside…

    A funny thing happened when the MSM tried to suck up to the right wing blogosphere……