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Sep 16 2005

Sheehan Has Lost Her Mind

UPDATE: Mark In Mexico has interview transcripts with Malik Rahim here, which have some trult interesting sections. Check it out. END UPDATE Drudge had a link to an LGF post or comment regarding a strange Cindy Sheehan comment, which seems to have crashed for now. But it did not take a lot of googling to […]

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Sep 16 2005

Fly By 09/16/05

I have a post up on Bush’s excellent speech here for those who are interested. Howard Kurtz has a round up of the liberal nags media reactions here. Interesting poll out showing two thirds of the New Orleans evacuees do not plan to return. Who would blame them after their city and state government left […]

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Sep 16 2005

Bush’s Speech

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We had friends over for one of many birthday celebrations for the lad, which will be occurring all this week, and could not watch the speech live. But we did get to settle down in bed and see a re-broadcast before going to sleep. It was a really good speech. I noted a lot of […]

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Sep 16 2005

The Council Has Spoken!

This week’s bests posts have been selected by the Watcher’s Council. You can find all the entries here, and the complete results here. This week in the Council Category first place went to Memorial to Millions of Dead Jews Offensive to Muslims by The Sundries Shack. In second place we had a tie between Regression […]

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