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Sep 09 2005

CNN Has An Honest Interview

This is one of those priceless moments when CNN has all its hype thrown back in its face during a live interview with a true American. Here is the post over at Redstate, and a small snippet to entice folks to go chech out this exchange with Soledad O’Brien and a New Orleans resident: LABARRE: […]

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Sep 09 2005

Kilgore Lapping Kane

Kane is running a thankfully dismal campaign here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, meaning the end of our occasional flirting with democrat Governors. Commonwealth Conservative has a great post on Kilgore’s excellent move to nail down the NASCAR vote. A move which will leave him free and clear to attack Kane here in Northern Virginia […]

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Sep 09 2005

Crescent Of Death Over American Graves

UPDATE II: One final word on this for today. We need to ignore the elitists and the fantasy world that we hear them expouse. They are simply apologists who cannot understand why this is offensive and dangerous. These elites are like Michael Jackson hiding away in his ‘Never Land” fantasy world. A place where reality […]

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Sep 09 2005

The Council Has Spoken

The Watcher’s Council has selected the best posts for the week. The results for this week’s selection are here, and the complete list of entries can be found here. In the Council Category the winner and second place selections were: (1) Katrina: Response Timeline by Right Wing Nut House (2) Learning from History: the Relief […]

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Sep 09 2005

More Al Qaeda In The US

More Al Qaeda found in the US, and apparently right near my home, as this Washington Post story highlights: An American student was charged yesterday in an al Qaeda plot to kill President Bush, with prosecutors alleging that Ahmed Omar Abu Ali and his confederates planned to use multiple snipers to shoot Bush or to […]

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