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Jul 15 2007

New Litvinenko Eye Witness Sounds Completely Implausible

The UK news is out with a very eye opening account of what would seem, at a glance, to be a clear assassination attempt. And it would seem to be an attempt on Litvinenko, Kovtun and Lugovoi – not just Litvinenko. The supposed eyewitness’s story is at odds with what we know about Po-210. In […]

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Jul 12 2007

Speaking Of How To Obtain Polonium-210

Want to know how hard it is to gain a license to handle Po-210 in the US? Not hard at all: Using a post office box at Mail Boxes Etc., a telephone, and a fax machine, the undercover men from the GAO obtained the license “without ever leaving their desks,” the report said. After counterfeiting […]

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Jul 07 2007

Did A Spurned Litvinenko Turn To Smuggling Nuclear Materials?

As my regular readers know I have always found the idea that Russia would send assassins to kill Alexander Litvinenko a ludicrous waste of effort. Litvinenko was a small time, outrageous misfit who only made Putin look like a respectable, serious leader in comparison. Litvinenko was of no use to Putin dead, and there was […]

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Jun 20 2007

Plutonium + Beryllium + Polonium = Mushroom Cloud

Ed Morrissey caught sight of what has to be the most insane thing I have seen in all my life. Georgian customs officers sent a car carrying a mixture of plutonium and beryllium back into Azerbaijan after foiling an attempt to smuggle the materials over the border, Georgian television reported. Customs officials found the materials, […]

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Jun 12 2007

Nuclear Weapon Smuggling Plot to Iran Discovered In The UK!

One of the things I really worried about regarding the Litvinenko story was the fact the material used, while bloody dangerous and costly for assassination, was well suited as parts for a nuclear trigger in primitive nuclear bomb designs (like those from the 1940’s through 1960 or so). I could never get by the fact […]

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Jun 05 2007

Why Isn’t Britian Showing Proof In Litvinenko Charges?

The UK news (and much of the world news) is lambasting Putin and RussiaM for not buying into the UK charges against Andre Lugovoi. As people know I am not convinced either that this was not some covert operation being run with Berezovsky and Litvinenko that is really the accidental handling of Po-210, not a […]

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Jun 03 2007

The Media And Litvinenko

Someone has produced a very detailed analysis of the media’s bias, lack of curiousity and lack of skepticism in reporting on the Litvinenko story. Thankfully they provided a summary so I do not have to post lots of exceprts. This report will show that… …many headlines and storylines in this story have no apparent basis […]

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Jun 01 2007

Few People Notice Litvinenko’s Terrorist Ties

One has to wonder at the tunnel vision that exists in the news media. When Alexander Litvinenko died last November within days the Chechen terrorists declared Litvinenko a Muslim and a Martyr to the Islamo Fascist cause. Pretty high claim for a white Russian guy living in London. You think Adam Gadahn, the American al […]

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May 31 2007

Litvinenko Smoking Gun

Major Smoking Gun Update Gifts from Litvinenko passed to Lugovoi well before the day Litvinenko fell ill had Po-210 traces found on them. That puts Litvinenko with contamination much earlier than before. See below for details. – end update Let’s assume Litvinenko and Berezovsky were cooperating with MI6 (not full time spies of course) and […]

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May 31 2007

Media Covering Up Critical Charges Against Litvinenko

Update: The news is coming out fast and furious this morning. Kovtun is confirming Litvinenko bragged about his association with Chechen terrorists. – end upate The one angle of this story which was barely reported on and never followed up is whether Po-210 was ever discovered in Turkey. Very few probably recall or know that […]

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