Jun 05 2007

Why Isn’t Britian Showing Proof In Litvinenko Charges?

The UK news (and much of the world news) is lambasting Putin and RussiaM for not buying into the UK charges against Andre Lugovoi. As people know I am not convinced either that this was not some covert operation being run with Berezovsky and Litvinenko that is really the accidental handling of Po-210, not a state sponsored murder of some small-fry dissident in London. But why would the UK risk a major political fallout over Litvinenko’s death when supposedly they could make their case to why this is NOT some covert activity involving nuclear materials which was accidentally exposed, with deadly consequences.

The transfer of nuclear material, which follows Litvinenko and Lugovoi all over London, is a serious problem. But the UK has dismissed the idea any wrong doing could be eminating from the Russian dissidents who have ties to Islamic terrorists and Po-210 trails to their doorsteps. I would think they would, for the sake of working this out, show their evidence that this was not a smuggling effort gone bad, but a murder. It doesn’t make sense to hide what they have (which apparently they are doing) since the danger of the material moved and its possible uses far outweigh any loss of surprise in a court case. You would also think anglo-Russian relations would be a serious priority and the UK would go to lengths to make Putin or Russia or the Russian people confident the man who called for the violent overthrow of their country is not involved in nefarious nuclear activity.

But they are not making the effort at all? They are not demonstrating with a solid prima facia case why murder is the only possible option in a story that clearly has the potential – from what is in the public domain – to be either murder or terorism gone bad. I am beginning to wonder if Putin is right. I keep trying to find a way to believe in the murder theory, but when I review all the evidence I am completely unconvinced. From the well crafted and pre-staged PR push from Berezovsky to Berezovsky’s constantly shifting alibis and excuses to the fact Lugovoi was right about contacts between MI6 and Berezovsky I keep finding one discrepency after another which not only leaves me some reasonable doubt, it leaves me so much doubt I don’t buy the charges. The UK needs to make a better case for their case. So far they have provided little to explain why the meetings between Lugovoi and Litvinenko are not part of a plot to traffic Po-210. For those who do not recall the Po-210 contamination in the hotels that Lugovoi used to when meeting Litvinenko had numerous rooms contaminated. It left a pattern that looked like material was being collected or distributed out to many places and paths. I heard whispers this was the case early on – the material’s trail is much larger and dispersed than the media has reported. I would like to know, at a minimum, is this the case? Po-210 is dangerous to the public, we deserve to know why there is so much confidence this is not a smuggling activity.

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  1. thecentercannothold says:

    Putin is right, alright, AJ, and also about the unnecessarily
    aggressive , tension-creating American militarism in Europe.