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Aug 27 2007

So Much For The Mad Putin Theory

So here is the thumbnail sketch of what has been happening in Russia. As the Soviet Union falls a small group of Oligarchs make deals with Yeltsin’s fledgling democracy to keep things in some kind of order why they steal off all the money and resources. The economy tanks and the old Soviet Union is […]

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Aug 18 2007

Additional Po-210 Contamination Sites In London Made Public

Updates below link new sites to Litvinenko – not Lugovoi – and point to Litvinenko as source of Po-210 contamination. From my first post on the Litvinenko story I had serious doubts about the planned PR nature of the Litvinenko death and the idea an assassin would use such an unstable, slow acting and detectable […]

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Aug 08 2007

Britian’s Phony Berezovsky Charade

Britain is playing some kind of game over the death of Alexander Litvinenko from exposure to Polonium-210 (Po-210), a highly radioactive substance that is also a key element in nuclear triggers which detonate older design nuclear bombs. Litvinenko was part one of a pair of Berezovsky aides or confidantes who left a trail of Po-210 […]

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Aug 01 2007

Why I Stay On The Litvinenko Story

I do not buy the idea the Litvinenko incident was an assassination. I have felt all along it was a smuggling operation which basically went awry, and Litvinenko, Lugovoi and Kovtun all suffered the consequences of a leak. If people wonder why I stay on this story it is not to be proved right. It […]

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Jul 30 2007

Polonium’s Close Radioactive Cousin Americium Found In Ship Graveyards

Here is a bit of disturbing news right that relates to the Litvinenko death by radiation poisoning in November of last year. A close deadly cousin of Po-210, the substance that killed Litvinenko and was found all over London and which poisoned many other people (including two Russian businessmen), is the element Americium-241 (Am-241). It […]

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Jul 26 2007

UK’s Litvinenko Charade Continues To Fall Apart

The UK is on some kind of strange PR stunt over the Litvinenko case – either that or their intelligence assets just aren’t as good as one would think. The UK tried to bolster the Litvinenko assassination angle by having Litivinenko’s boss, Boris Berezovsky, come out recently in the media and claim another assassin was […]

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Jul 23 2007

Russia Blows Holes In UK’s Litvinenko Investigation

The details of the UK’s ‘case’ against Andre Lugovoi in the death of Alexander Litvinenko last October, when there appears to have been up to three incidents of nuclear smuggling of the highly dangerous Po-210 through London, have never been exposed to public scrutiny. But Russia does have insights, due to there interviews and supporting […]

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Jul 20 2007

The Polonium Wars

Well now that the Russians have booted out British diplomats in retaliation for the UK deporting Russian diplomats there seems to be nowhere for this idiotic dance to go. But there are some interesting, if nuanced, changes in the air. First off Russia has finally used the word ‘suspect’ when referring to Andre Lugovoi. There […]

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Jul 19 2007

The UK, Berezovsky And Polonium 210

I have been debating this post for a day as the coincidences in news reporting regarding Berezovsky and Litvinenko and Lugovoi have just become too much to ignore. The B Movie nature of the latest events has had me wondering what in the world is going on with this case. First we had a barman […]

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Jul 18 2007

Someone Staging Fake Assassination Attempts?

OK, the story of Polonium-210 (Po-210) smuggling through London just became a lot more bizarre. The last thing I would think Moscow would do right now – with a political row going on with the UK over Litvinenko’s death by Po-210 poisoning – is attempt an assassination on Berezovsky or his people who are the […]

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