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Jun 21 2005

The Liberal MSM Strikes Back

It seems the liberals and their MSM cohorts have decided to take their stand on GITMO and side with the terrorists against the evil Americans. Lots of articles and op-ed pieces out today which make clear the summer political battle lines are now drawn. I feel for the left, they have been reduced to standing […]

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Jun 20 2005

GITMO Slap Down

Hat tip to Lori Byrd on this perfect slap down of the democrats’ living icon. From Betsy Newmark: So, Bill Clinton, a former president, is now on record for believing the allegations of former detainees rather than the U.S. military which denies those charges. Yup, he shows more faith in a terrorist, trained to tell […]

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Jun 20 2005

How Liberal’s Support Our Troops

Don Surber has a great list of how the liberal pols (and to some extent the MSM) support our troops. Here is a snippet, please read the whole thing 1. By banning military recruiters from their campuses. 2. By voting against new weapons. 3. By using the military to debate social issues. 4. By voting […]

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Jun 19 2005

Somebody Alert Dick Durbin!

The NYTimes is reporting on a scene of brutal torture, beatings, shackled prisoners, electric wire. Oh….., never mind. It was torture of Iraqis by terrorists. I’m guessing Dysmal Durbin is only interested in stories about fellow Americans torturing people.

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Jun 18 2005

AP Propagandizes for Durbin

Here is the lead sentence from AP on Durbin’s non-apology: Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said Friday that he regretted any misunderstandings caused by his comments earlier this week comparing American interrogators at Guantanamo Bay to Nazis. Now here is non-apology from Durbin: “More than 1700 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq and our country’s […]

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Jun 17 2005

First Call for Durbin to Step Down

Powerline has the first indication that Durbin and the Dems will need to face up to the storm Durbin has caused with his over-the-top partisan rhetoric. Durbin has not only insulted our military, but given plenty of PR ammunition to the terrorists. So the Boston Herald is the first newspaper to call for Durbin to […]

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Jun 17 2005

Durbin Digs Deeper

Durbin is such a putz. Via The Corner word came that Durbin had a so-called apology on his website: “More than 1700 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq and our country’s standing in the world community has been badly damaged by the prison abuses at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. My statement in the Senate […]

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Jun 17 2005

Dems Caught In Their Own Trap

It is becoming clear that Sen Durbin has put the democrats in a no-win situation (Michelle Malkin has one, two and three posts monitoring the storm). Durbin’s comments were so reprehensible the average American is going to want an apolpogy, and possibly for him to step down form his leadership position like Sen Trent Lott […]

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Jun 17 2005

Laura Ingraham Broke Durbin Swarm

It is great to see the blog swarm hitting Durbin and the dems who sat quietly by while he disparaged the men and women of our military who are putting life and limb on the line to protect us all. I would like to thank Laura Ingraham for bringing this issue to light early on, […]

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Jun 17 2005

Durbin’s Firestorm Ignites

Durbin has set a lot of people up in arms with his ridiculous comparison of Americans to Nazis, Pol Pot, etc. It appears the beating that he deserves, and those dems who did not distance themselves in time, will continue for a while. John Podhoretz in the NY Post is livid and clear: There was […]

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