Jun 17 2005

Dems Caught In Their Own Trap

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It is becoming clear that Sen Durbin has put the democrats in a no-win situation (Michelle Malkin has one, two and three posts monitoring the storm). Durbin’s comments were so reprehensible the average American is going to want an apolpogy, and possibly for him to step down form his leadership position like Sen Trent Lott did. The amount of heat being generated by this story clearly makes it the most visible story of the week.

However, the liberal base that is represented by Move.org, KOS and Democrat Underground are all fired up and excited about Durbin’s slander of our military.

With the liberal base investing so much emotion into this debate the democrat leaders are in an impossible situation. If the dems do not call Durbin to task on this then the image of the democrats as knee jerk anti-military, anti-american, too quick to protect murderous terrorists, partisans will crystallize in the 80% of the electorate which is non-liberal. There is a reason 80% of the population does not want to be called a liberal, and these traits are why.

On the other hand, if the democrats do sanction Durbin then their core base will see another in a long line of surrenders to the ‘right wing bullies’, and feel more betrayed than ever.

It will be interesting to see which way the democrats cut. Will they side with America, or the lunatic fringe?

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