Jun 17 2005

First Call for Durbin to Step Down

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Powerline has the first indication that Durbin and the Dems will need to face up to the storm Durbin has caused with his over-the-top partisan rhetoric. Durbin has not only insulted our military, but given plenty of PR ammunition to the terrorists.

So the Boston Herald is the first newspaper to call for Durbin to resign his post in the Senate:

The second highest ranking Democrat in the Senate has compared American servicemen and women to Nazis on the floor of that body. Has political debate sunk so low that a comment that hideous can be made by Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) without repercussions?

Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) lost his leadership position for the lesser if still odious offense of praising Strom Thurmond’s presidential campaign which had taken place decades earlier.

When Amnesty International makes such comparisons it irreversibly damages its credibility. When a U.S. senator does so, he damages the institution and the country he serves.

Durbin and his too quiet democrat colleagues made this mess, and now they have no good way out of it – as long as the pressure stays on them. That is their own fault.

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