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Jan 05 2006

Still Chillin’

Somebody has to pat Mark Coffey on the back (and the rest of us Chillers) for seeing the facts behind the Gang of 14 agreement. Here we are eight months later and all is going well with Judicial nominations: “I don’t think anybody today sees a reason for a filibuster, but they may after the […]

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Nov 14 2005

Good News On Alito

UPDATE: Here is the story at Washington Times – and I added some links to pertinent posts at the end. END UPDATE Drudge is reporting in a splash headline (no link) on some good news on Alito: Alito rejected abortion as a right; paper shows personal view… Judge Alito, Bush’s Supreme Court nominee, wrote that […]

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Nov 06 2005

Chilled To The Bone

I think the Coalition of the Chillin’ is about to be completely and permanently vindicated. The Commissar has the lowdown on Joe Biden’s prediction there is not sufficient support to pull off a filibuster over Alito. Here is some of Biden’s comments on Meet The Press today: A key Democrat said on Sunday that he […]

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Nov 02 2005

Alito Not A True Conservative?

I hate to say “I told you so“, but apparently Bill Kristol, David Frum, George Will and many others in the Anti-Miers crowd have given us someone who, unlike Harriet Miers who opposed abortion on a signed questionnaire, may be another Kennedy/Souter. On abortion, a nuanced stand In 3 of 4 cases, Supreme Court nominee […]

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Nov 01 2005

Where Is Alito On ‘Health’?

As I posted earlier, Judge Alito may not be the conservative savior we were led to believe. In his dissenting opinion (of concurrence?) he is quite clear that the partial birth abortion ban in NJ was rightfully struck down since it did not address the ‘health’ of the mother. What is apparent, but not firm, […]

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Nov 01 2005

Alito Upheld Partial Birth Abortions?

Hold the presses. I got this interesting comment on this post from one Bender Rodriguez: The plain simple fact is that Alito voted in favor of partial birth abortion as a fundamental right. We don’t need to go any further than that. There can be and is no good excuse or reason for doing so. […]

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Nov 01 2005

Who Asked For Armageddon

Does anyone outside the myopic beltway obsessed recall asking for a showdown at the Senate corall? Senate Democrats and Republicans — along with interest groups both for and against Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr.’s Supreme Court nomination — fell into formation yesterday to begin the battle they’ve been expecting for more than a decade. “This […]

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Oct 31 2005

Miers Fall Out

DJ Drummond has a really good post out about the Miers debacle and why naive calls to simply move on are probably doing more damage than the intended result. I will predict the support for Alito will be very tepid and not inspire the base or the public. I don’t know Alito at all, and […]

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Oct 31 2005

Alito For US SC

For those interested, Mark Coffey has set up a watering hole for the nomination of Alito at Politechnical. Bad choice in my opinion. I know the Miers treatment probably scared off a lot of good candidates – but we really needed another woman on the bench. I am not for affirmative action, but where there […]

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Oct 27 2005

Miers Was A Mudblood

UPDATE: I have been getting comments that illustrate that I may have left the wrong impression. I am not talking about people who had doubts about Miers, but would allow her an opportunity to be heard and make her case. And there may be some gray areas between that group and those I am most […]

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