Nov 01 2005

Who Asked For Armageddon

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Does anyone outside the myopic beltway obsessed recall asking for a showdown at the Senate corall?

Senate Democrats and Republicans — along with interest groups both for and against Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr.’s Supreme Court nomination — fell into formation yesterday to begin the battle they’ve been expecting for more than a decade.

“This one is going to be Armageddon,” said Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Republican and former chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Majority Leader Bill Frist, Tennessee Republican, acknowledged that the fight will be tough, but predicted confirmation before the end of the year.

“In 1990, a Democrat-controlled Senate unanimously confirmed Judge Alito as a circuit judge,” Mr. Frist said in a statement dispatched 27 minutes before President Bush announced his selection. “I hope that my colleagues will give his nomination a fair opportunity this time as well.”

Hmm. This is what we need right now with the success in Iraq hanging by a knive’s edge of political support?

Enjoy the fight to the death with fellow Americans….

I was hoping for a fight to the death with terrorists.

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  1. Alito’d Out

    I’m not sure how the Bush Administration does it, but I’m already exhausted by this Supreme Court thing and don’t really care who they put on the Court so long as it will shut everyone up. I recognize that this is probably a little bit of a Hallowee…

  2. Alito’s enemies opinion of him justify my oppositi

    My friend AJ over at Strata Sphere asks “Who Asked For Armageddon”, matter of fact AJ I am one of those who has

  3. I was hoping for the fight. The Liberal 5th column has been using the judiciary as their primary weapon for too long. This Nomination shows President Bush getting back in the saddle after seemingly wanting to travel the easy road for too long. Glad to see he is back.


  4. HaroldHutchison says:

    Well, it’s what the Beltway conservative establishment wanted, and they got it.

    What conservatives may have wanted didn’t enter into their arrogant calculations.

  5. AJStrata says:


    I posted the same comment on your site. I am for the showdown – I am concerned about the timing. Also, I have a comment on another post claiming Alito upheld partial birth abortions – is that right? If so this is a real problem for me.

  6. AJStrata says:


    That is my problem with the rightwing punditry – they have very myopic views and interests – and forget to listen as well as preach.

    This is not the time and I doubt anyone outside the rabid partisans are itching for this ugly fight.

  7. hehe…AJ I am neither a Rabid Partisan nor a Beltway Pundit, but it is a bit surprising to be called either of those names. Course its also been insinuated that I am a rabid leftist and an apologist for the MSM. Getting confused about my roles.

    If it matters I started being a rabid capitalist because of my love of Ayn Rand then I changed into a rabid Reaganite…and remain so now. But I still do not suffer fools even within my own party. Furthermore nothing keeps a institution stronger than the ability to criticize it…I welcome the privilege. Also I remain deeply skeptical of government which is why it is alot easier for me to see the ills in FEMA than most. I do not view the Government as being here to help.

    About the time? Yes when you have a majority in the Senate and House it is time…there can not be any better time. Perhaps we could hold out till we have a bigger majority but the problem with that is if Bush keeps putting off this fight the base, that y’all call the Rabid Partisans, will lose their taste for the fight. If that happens its likely that the Senate and even perhaps the house will fall to the Move On types.

    Your bitterness over the Miers battle is coloring your opinions.


  8. AJStrata says:


    I should note I am not bitter. And do not recall calling you rabid (I leave that for the George Wills who questioned Bush’s intelligence). My question of timing for the battle had to do with Bush’s weakened position. There were other candidates like Roberts without as much trail to elicit the battle.

    But it is joined. I am not for the democrats, so that leaves little options.

    However, Alito’s opinion in Farmer has me worried. There will be another post on it soon.