Jun 22 2005

Da Vinci Code & Downing Street Memos

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Christopher Hitchens is one of those devout liberals I respect immensely. He seems uniquely unaffected by the Kool-Aid from the left. He has a great article out today about how conspiracy theories run on selected facts, stretched coincidence and ideological zealotry to feed those who so desparately wish for something to be true to believe in these fictions.

A few weeks ago, at an airport in Europe, I saw Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code staring at me across the bookstore bins. I had seen it many times before and averted my gaze, but I was facing a long delay, and I suddenly thought: May as well get it over with.

Well, of course I knew it would be bad. I just didn’t know that it would be that bad. Never mind for now the breathless and witless style, or the mashed-paper characters, or the lazy, puerile reliance on incredible coincidence to flog the lame plot along.

Over the past month, I have hardly been able to open my e-mail without a flood of similarly portentous tripe concerning the “Downing Street Memo(s).” This time, it is not the interior of a Templar Church but the style of a clerk in the British Foreign Office that furnishes “the key to all mythologies.”

Other correspondents have helpfully added other “smoking guns” as e-mail attachments. A man named Morgan Reynolds, a former chief economist at the Bush Labor Department and now an instructor at Texas A&M, has proof that the World Trade Center was laid low by a “controlled demolition” and not by the hijacked planes. This is a refreshing change from the Gore Vidal view that the Bush administration knowingly grounded all military aircraft in order to give the al-Qaida teams a clear shot.

Read the whole thing. It’s spot on.
Hat Tip to RealClearPolitics

Mark Coffey has thoughts on this provacitive article as well.

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    Have you seen that Michael Smith is trying to stay in the limelight with an article in today’s LA Times:


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    No I was not aware of that. Thanks for the link!