Jul 12 2005

More on Downing Street Memo Fraud

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Again we go to George at Seixon who is tracking Michael Smith and his fantasiful stories about the so called Downing Street Memos which supposedly implicate Bush and Blair in some kind of unpreparedness and eagerness to go to war in Iraq. Of course they do no such thing, but that is what the leftward fringes need to believe to sustain themselves.

As background, recall that we and Seixon had shown the first round of memos were suspicious because they were typed on an old typewriter by Smith, then copied a few times for aging, then scanned into a PDF file for presentations. All this to avoid tracing back to his source. Like having them typed into MS Word wouldn’t accomplish the same thing?? We also found Smith to be a rabid ‘impeach Bush’ nutcase.

So here is Sexion’s updated information on the mysteriously whacky Mr. Smith (please go read the whole thing):

I have long asked why there are no retyped copies of the “second lot” of papers, the DSM and the Briefing Paper. I have contended that this is because they don’t exist, that Smith never had them retyped. Thus I was stunned at seeing Smith say this:

When I received the latest batch of documents I followed a very similar procedure, typing up the text and shredding the copies I had. At no point was I ever in possession of an original document, only photocopies of those original documents. Everything I did was designed solely to protect the source. That is a responsibility that every journalist has.

Alright. So where are these retyped copies? Why are there PDFs available of the retyped documents of the September Six, and not the DSM?

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