Jun 24 2009

Iranian Regime Implements Massacres To Quell Opposition

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If you want to light a fire under a potential revolutionary movement, the best way to do this is to start a massacre in the public square. Things have to be on the verge of total collapse for the Iranian Thugocracy to be going for the tool of last result like this:

At least two sources described wild and violent conditions at a part of Tehran where protesters had planned to demonstrate.

“They were waiting for us,” the source said. “They all have guns and riot uniforms. It was like a mouse trap.”

“I see many people with broken arms, legs, heads — blood everywhere — pepper gas like war,” the source said.

About “500 thugs” with clubs came out of a mosque and attacked people in the square, another source said.

The security forces were “beating women madly” and “killing people like hell,” the source said.

“They beat up a woman so bad, she was all bloody,” 

How many times have we seen the Holy House of a mosque being the rats’ nest of evil. The Iranian Revolution of the 1970’s is dead, beaten and bloodied as the army of Allah is out killing Muslims. There is no credibility left. They are so desperate to hang onto power they risk exploding the entire country into uprising.

Which will, in the end, be the result. Each person maimed or killed has a good chance of being a family member, relative, friend or neighbor of someone in the security forces. As the army sees their loved ones mowed down in this mad bloodlust fury, they will be more and more forced to the opposition side.

You cannot kill and maim at this level and not touch incredible numbers of people in a position to make a difference, to turn the tide. The Iranian regime went from one powerful martyr in the person of Neda Agha-Soltan, to now an army of martyrs. And an even larger army of people out to revenge their sacrifice. As far as I can predict (and I have no crystal ball and have made wrong predictions many times), we are seeing the violent end of the Iranian Revolution. H/T Reader Crosspatch

Update: Ed Morrissey has much more, including some audio from witnesses.

Update: More here at the NY Times:

It was impossible to confirm the extent of the new violence in the capital because of draconian new press restrictions on coverage of the post-election mayhem. But the witnesses reached by telephone said the confrontation, in the streets near the national Parliament building, was bloody, with police using live ammunition.

Defying government warnings, hundreds, if not thousands of protesters, had attempted to gather in front of the parliament on Baharestan Square, witnesses said. They were met with riot police and paramilitary militia, who struck at them with truncheons, tear gas and guns. One witness said he saw a 19-year-old woman shot in the neck.

The more blood let, the less supported the regime will become.

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  1. kathie says:

    This is the question that Obama must ask himself. If the regime will kill and beat it’s own people, woman and children to retain power, just why would they give up the bomb and lose international power? Many elected representatives have already realized just how brutal Iranian’s leaders are and what they will do. It is sad and dangerous that Obama thinks that history began with his election to power. Holy Cow, where are his advisors?

  2. lurker9876 says:

    just read at twitter that the Iranian ambassador to Mexico denies the barbarian acts performed by the Regime’s IRGC and Basij forces.