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Jan 19 2010

Today It’s We The People!

Today in Massachusetts our friends, neighbors, family members and fellow Americans from that great state will have their say for all of us. The Political Industrial Complex (PIC) – inhabited by the two parties’ top politicians along with all those career staffers, lobbyists, consultants, news media cronies and talking heads – has been pounding us […]

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Jun 24 2009

Iranian Regime Implements Massacres To Quell Opposition

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If you want to light a fire under a potential revolutionary movement, the best way to do this is to start a massacre in the public square. Things have to be on the verge of total collapse for the Iranian Thugocracy to be going for the tool of last result like this: At least two […]

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Jun 17 2009

Some Must Reads On Iran – Major Update: Army Protecting Protestors

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  Major Update! I mentioned below that we could see a tipping point in Iran if the general military forces took to defending the protestors from Ahmedinejad’s Basij thugs. Apparently this is starting to happen! I’ve just been witnessing a confrontation, in dusk and into the night, between about 15,000 supporters of Ahmadinejad – supposedly […]

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Jun 15 2009

Iran’s Theocracy Thugs Fire On Muslim Protestors

The one thing that could turn the world away from threat of Muslim extremism was, sadly, a fight for the heart and soul of Islam. When this happens (as it did in Iraq in Anbar Province, as it did in Afghanistan with the defeat of Taliban rule, as it is happening in the Tribal Areas […]

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