May 05 2009

Two Moderates Vie For PA Senate Seat

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I know the fringes left and right don’t like me to remind them of how irrelevant they are rapidly becoming, but the big news out of PA is a left of center moderate (Specter) may go head to head with a right of center moderate (Ridge) for Senator Specter’s seat. The battle for the centrists begins in PA. What is important to note is that true liberals or conservatives are not in the running. If this spreads we can get out of the fringes and get this country back on track.

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  1. Frogg says:


    Spector was interviewed recently and said he supported Norm Coleman in the MN race. He had to backpaddle the next day and say he mispoke….he really supports Al Franken.

    Specter Says He ‘Misspoke” on Minnesota Senate Race


    But questioned outside the Senate chamber Tuesday, Specter said the comment was a mistake.

    “In the swirl of moving from one caucus to another, I have to get used to my new teammates,” he said. “I’m ordinarily pretty correct in what I say. I’ve made a career of being precise. I conclusively misspoke.”

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Specter will now be treated as a junior democrats; starting at the bottom of the totem pole.

  3. Frogg says:

    Is this the new “moderate center”, AJ? Does Colin Powell speak for you?

    “The Republican Party is in deep trouble,” Powell told corporate security executives at a conference in Washington sponsored by Fortify Software Inc. The party must realize that the country has changed, he said. “Americans do want to pay taxes for services,” he said. “Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less.”

    I agree with one thing Powell said. I don’t think the social issues should be front and center. Have your opinion, vote your convictions, etc. But, shouldn’t most of the social issues be “state’s rights issues”? And, aren’t they best left to the masses at the state level (voter ballot initiatives, etc)?

  4. Frogg says:

    Joe Sestak: ‘Inclined’ to tackle Specter

    I don’t know if it will be Sestak; but, I’m pretty certain Specter is going to get a Dem challenger in the primary. It is just too tempting for up and coming Dems.

  5. Frogg says:

    DNC Chair and Obama lose two council seats in their backyard


    Republican Frank Fannon and GOP-endorsed independent Alicia Hughes appear to have won seats on the Alexandria City Council. The Democrats will still control a majority of four out of six seats, but this is a couple rippes of red in a deep blue community in a purple state – the best news for local Republicans in a long time.

    But the implications are bigger. Barack Obama won this county 72-27. Senator Mark Warner is from Alexandria. Democratic National Committee Chair Tim Kaine is the Governor of Virginia.

  6. Terrye says:


    I think Americans expect certain things from government. I think they expect a safety net for older people who can not work anymore. I think they expect certain standards in terms of education and emergency relief.

    But I honestly do not think they want the government to have a ownership stake in Chrysler.

    In other words, it depends on what you mean by involvement and what exactly people get back from it.

  7. AJStrata says:


    I agree with you on the Chrysler thing. It is one thing to have government provide services (education, licensing vehicles, emergency support), but to be marketing and making a profit?

    I think Obama and the Dems are sowing the seeds of a lot of discontent which will not show up until we are well into summer. We have inklings of lowering support for them, but the center has not given up yet (it will – it takes time to admit an error). I think the center will give up around the same time as the far right gives up their purity drive and are ready to treat moderates and centrists with due respect.

    It is the same old story. You need crisis and pain to rediscover the value of friendship and allies. When faced with a serious problems, all those marginal differences just disappear.

  8. MerlinOS2 says:

    As pointed out Specter has been stripped of seniority till at least a review after the mid terms.

    That takes down one of his strongest campaign tools of ‘seniority for committees’ and levels the playing field with either Repub or Dem challengers.

    Ridge may have issues with residency requirements since he now pays taxes in MD and lists it as where he lives.

    The nutroots are pushing for Sestak to oppose Specter.

    Stern of the SEIU just backed away a bit from Specter and that would not happen without the direct influence of the WH in the process.

    Specter could end up riding off into the sunset as the biggest fish the Dems were able to pull to get him to cross over.

    If another ‘Real Dem’ wins the seat they still have their near 60, but the Repubs end up short one.

    The bigger thing here is that without Specter giving them cover, Snowe and Collins have not stuck their heads out to get shot off as much in recent legislation.

  9. MerlinOS2 says:

    Also because of the Specter switch the Dems are demanding more seats on key committees to shape the legislation the way they want it.

    Specter may end up becoming the biggest useful tool in a long long time.

  10. DJStrata says:


    My family actually knows quite a few far right conservatives who are against birth control because they see it as a form of abortion. I don’t agree, but a lot of the pro-life groups believe that.


    Ridge can still be a right conservative and be pro-choice. I have been very active in the Republican party and align myself with conservatives, but I am also pro-choice (technically). I do not believe in abortion, and I would never have one myself. But I do not think that it is right for me to make that decision for other people. I do believe that abortion should be limited, but I do not support that one group of people can decide that abortion is not an option and impose that on everyone else.

  11. kathie says:

    DJ, I consider myself a conservative as well and would not want to dictate what is a right choice for anyone other then myself. I’m just thinking that the “party” would not think of Ridge as a “right conservative”, he might be characterized as a Republican. I’m not very good at labels or politics for that matter, I was just thinking what others might think.

  12. DJStrata says:


    Oh I agree with you. I wish people would be able to have their own beliefs and not impose them on everyone else. But the political nerds (and I’m one of them) seem to really love their labels. And those labels are getting very out of hand.

  13. Frogg says:

    “Because the ruling Democrats have tilted too far left, their allies are out on a mission of distraction, trying to prove that everyone else is too far to the right. ” – Amity Shlaes-

  14. Frogg says:


    “Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) appears to be warning his membership that there is no lock on allegiance for Arlen Specter even though he has recently jumped the GOP ship for the Democrat Party.

    On May 3, Stern used his twitter account to praise Congressman Joe Sestak, a possible 2010 opponent for Specter for the Democratic Party nomination for Penn. Senator.”

  15. Neo says:

    As far as Arlen Specter is concerned, it’s not about driving “moderates” from the Republican Party, it’s about the secret plan to send all imbeciles to the Democratic Party.

    The downside of this plan is that the number of imbeciles was underestimated .. speaks volumes about the state of education.

    Meanwhile, Arlen Specter has shown that his “imbecile” status is well deserved.

    The upside for Republicans, given Specter’s treatment by the Democrats, is that it is now unlikely that any of the other “moderate” Republicans will bolt to the Democratic Party.

    For this I give a big “thumbs up” to the Democrats. Good Job.

  16. Wayne at Jeremiah Films says:

    FYI: “The Gun Owners,” Volume 13, Number 5, November 3, 1994, and reread its headline article, “Every Vote Counts this Year,” by GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt.

    Congressman Thomas Ridge of Pennsylvania was a surprise vote for the ban

  17. Frogg says:

    Ridge announces he won’t seek a run for PA Senate

  18. Frogg says:

    Thursday, May 07, 2009

    Pat Toomey on Tom Ridge [David Freddoso]

    “Tom Ridge is a true patriot and a leader. In his eloquent statement today, he said: ‘My belief is that those in my home state can best be served by the principles of limited government, less taxes, competent governance and shared responsibility.’ I agree with Governor Ridge’s statement 100%. That is exactly the message I will carry to the people of Pennsylvania in my campaign for the U.S. Senate. It is a message that will not only unite the Republican Party, but more importantly, it is one that a majority of our fellow citizens can rally around, regardless of their party affiliation.”

    Two of three recent polls show Toomey within single digits of Specter, despite his being relatively unknown. The third poll, from Quinnipiac, had Specter trouncing him.

    Meanwhile, there is still another possible opponent for Toomey in the primary — Rep. Jim Gerlach (R, Pa.), whose surrogates have been savaging Toomey and his prospects in the national press. More on him later.

  19. Frogg says:

    Good riddance? GOP relies on Specter-like recruits

    Well, this ought to make AJ happy.

    I do have one question, though. I understand the “social” issues in blue states. But, aren’t there any fiscal conservatives who can get elected in a blue state?

  20. AJStrata says:


    Happy? No. But it is as I predicted. As the article notes, when you go around screaming ‘RINO’ and ‘squishes’ you lose political support.

    Definitely not surprised. Thanks for the link.