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Jul 16 2010

The ‘Transparent’ Administration

When the country heard the word ‘transparent’ coming out of the inexperienced young senator from Illinois during the presidential campaign season of 2008, they rightfully assumed it meant there would be no more back room deals, special interest favors, bribes or kickbacks.  Well, apparently what the audacious and arrogant candidate meant was he would be […]

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May 05 2009

Two Moderates Vie For PA Senate Seat

I know the fringes left and right don’t like me to remind them of how irrelevant they are rapidly becoming, but the big news out of PA is a left of center moderate (Specter) may go head to head with a right of center moderate (Ridge) for Senator Specter’s seat. The battle for the centrists begins […]

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May 04 2009

True Conservative Toomey Truly In Trouble

Well, this is no surprise: A Quinnipiac University poll found Specter would defeat a conservative Republican who is in the race, Pat Toomey, if the election were held today by 53 percent to 33 percent. But the picture was much closer if a popular former governor of Pennsylvania, Republican Tom Ridge, were to jump into […]

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