Apr 12 2009

President Bush Reaches From The Past To Smack Tax-Loving Liberals


This is just too sweet to miss. President Bush not only pushed through two large tax reductions during his tenure, he set the stage so that the Democrats would have to pay the price for undoing his work – in essence for raising taxes. I think he knew that the future held two options for him and our war on Islamo Fascist Terrorism. On the rosy side the GOP would not screw up and implode, but instead would still be in power in 2010 when the decision to tax or not to tax America would resurface.

But on the off chance the far right would go over board and repulse the center of the country into the hands of the democrats who would of course immediately attempt to role back the tax cuts) President Bush made sure it would be their responsibility to take the heat on any decisions to raise taxes.

This crafty visionary nature of President Bush is on full display when it comes to the ghoulish death tax and how it is being triggered and sunsetted, as explained by the liberal vultures over at the New York Times:

The death tax is the issue that simply will not die.

Fifteen years after Republican strategists put Democrats on the defensive by sticking that pejorative label on the federal estate tax, Democrats are still struggling with how to handle the levy on assets left behind — the one that conservatives portray as the Internal Revenue Service reaching beyond the grave.

It seems to bother the liberals that their desire to scarf up the hard work of a person or a family at the time of passing is seen in such clarity. The reason the label sticks is because it is dead on accurate:

Studies show that the tax hits merely a sliver of wealthy American families. A proposal by President Obama would leave it at current levels, affecting only estates valued at more than $3.5 million for individuals and $7 million for couples.

By this ‘logic’ crimes that only kill a few wealthy people should be tolerated? It doesn’t matter who is being robbed as they slide into the grave – it is wrong. This wealth was not attained because of the government, more than likely it was gained in spite of it. These gains are the property and just rewards of those who earned them, not some jealous wannabes who lust after what others have achieved. And a lot of people across the political spectrum know this:

But now some Democrats have joined Republicans to call for setting the threshold even higher, in a rebellion that could have important consequences not just for the future of the death tax but also for Mr. Obama’s efforts to pay for his ambitious policy agenda.

If that Republican-backed plan is approved, it could deprive Mr. Obama of about $100 billion for his initiatives on health care, energy and education when alternative sources of revenue are already dwindling.

But 10 Democrats, led by Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, defied Mr. Reid. They joined with Republicans to urge an increase in the value of estates exempt from the tax above the level backed by Mr. Obama (to $5 million for individuals and $10 million for couples) and a cut in the maximum tax rate (to 35 percent from the current 45 percent).

All thieves claim they are steeling from others for a good cause, nothing new here. Except the fact Obama and his liberal Congressional allies can’t seem to be satiated in their lust for other people’s money and wealth. They bankrupted the real estate and financial markets by trying to hand homes to people unable to be responsible owners, which in turn wiped out this country’s wealth, which in turn rightfully angered the country. In response to their screw up Dems are piling up the debt at an astounding pace, and yet they feel compelled to go grave robbing in order to feed their greed. Why? Because there is not enough money in the world to make their fantasies come true!

Here is where Bush demonstrates how a master plays political chess. Check out how this death tax is legislated and timed:

Unless Congress acts this year, the estate tax is scheduled to be repealed in 2010 for one year before snapping back to hit estates of $1 million or more in 2011 — an odd sequence dictated by the tax cuts passed under President George W. Bush.

While nonbinding, the vote was a clear sign of Democratic division over the tax, with Ms. Lincoln arguing that it was devastating to family businesses that are a prime source of jobs in her state.

It doesn’t take a family business very long to become a ‘million dollar’ venture. If you have 10-20 employes (depending on the type of business) you could be in that range, or beyond, real quick. What the Bush plan does is completely repeal the tax – 100% – for one year. It will help this economy a bit, but it will give people a taste of life without the liberal vultures circling. 

The question will come as to why people who died after President Obama and the Dems were in power and passed their laws had the fruits of their life-time of effort raided, while the people who passed under Bush’s laws did not. It will paint the Dems as the liberal vultures they are, at a time when the economy will not be responding to their generational theft and ‘sharing the wealth’ as promised. It will happen at a time when the facade will have been ripped from the Democrats’ PR machine as the reality of months of record high unemployment take their toll on the patience of the voter.

When it comes time to deal with the death tax liberal elites will be fat catting it while the masses suffer. When the fat cats wonder why they cannot gnaw on another carcass of a hard working American and plunder their life’s work, the truth about liberals caring about ‘the average American’ will be there for all to see. And the show will be provided to us by former President Bush, as he reaches from the past to remind us of what compassionate conservatism meant regarding one’s life time of work. The juxtaposition could not be any more clear or intense.

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3 Responses to “President Bush Reaches From The Past To Smack Tax-Loving Liberals”

  1. kathie says:

    Happy Easter AJ to you and your family, with special thoughts to your son. Kathie

    Weather planned or not I think this is a good discussion to have publicly. Does a persons accumulated wealth belong to the state upon his or her death because the state needs it for projects that it can’t afford through ordinary taxation? My father was a big saver. His thinking was that if anything happened to him he wanted to make sure that his family would be taken care of. This was also a family tradition, now a guess quite archaic thinking, that money was always put aside for those unexpected circumstances.

    The Captain jumped over board again and the Navy took advantage of it and killed 3 of the terrorists, caught one and saved the Captain. Yes for America.

  2. crosspatch says:

    Happy Easter, everyone.

    The problem with the death tax is that it punishes most the minorities who have found their first wealthy generation. Take a black business owner who is successful and accumulates a decent net worth. He dies and half his wealth is taxed away leaving his family with little, and possibly nothing if they need to liquidate assets in order to pay the taxes.

    The death tax is a way of preventing the newly rich from moving up in society. It “keeps the riff-raff” out. It is a way of keeping minorities down while the established wealth finds ways around these taxes through various trusts and foundations designed to allow them to avoid death taxes and keep their wealth in the family.

    The left are very good and keeping the poor down and out and keeping them segregated culturally. They can not allow minorities and other poor people to become rich and must keep those people dependent on their programs in order to stay in office.

  3. WWS says:

    The other ridiculous part of the “death tax” is that it’s relatively easy to avoid, as long as one is willing to hire an estate attorney and associated accountant ahead of time. Not a single truly wealthy person has paid this tax in years – only those people who are too unsophisticated to know how to hire financial help pay it. (Often they don’t realize their total assets have crossed the triggering threshold)

    This could be called the Lawyers & Accountants full employment act – that’s who benefits more than anyone. Not so surprisingly, most in those professions have no problem with a law that makes their employment essential.