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Apr 20 2010

Americans Don’t Trust Government, And Naturally Democrats Are The Party Of Government

Our government is out of control. It is sucking the life blood out of this nation and making a mess of things domestically (or admiration for the defenders of this nation is not in question, unless you are from the liberal left and afraid of the military). It has become nag-in-chief, poking its big ugly […]

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Apr 12 2009

President Bush Reaches From The Past To Smack Tax-Loving Liberals

  This is just too sweet to miss. President Bush not only pushed through two large tax reductions during his tenure, he set the stage so that the Democrats would have to pay the price for undoing his work – in essence for raising taxes. I think he knew that the future held two options […]

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Feb 07 2009

“Stimulus” Bill A Cruel Joke On America

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Update: Reader Crosspatch noted this Rasmussen poll which shows stunning losses in support for  President Obama in less than a month in office. What is striking is that he his losing support among independents and democrats at a pretty hefty rate. Rassmussen subtracts strong unfavorable from the strong favorable number to get an idea of […]

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