Feb 08 2009

Need A Job Comrade?

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The socialists are definitely running the nuthouse in DC. President Obama, in the middle of the worst recession in a couple of decades (not the Great Depression as the President likes to exaggerate) has decided to destroy the construction industry by blocking 84% of the companies from the money in the stimulus pork-a-thon package:

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) today denounced an Executive Order signed by President Obama that repeals Executive Order 13202, that prohibited federal agencies and recipients of federal funding from requiring contractors to sign union-only project labor agreements (PLAs) as a condition of performing work on federal and federally funded construction projects. 

“Today’s decision to repeal Executive Order 13202 opens the door to waste and discrimination in federal and federally funded construction contracts,” said ABC President and CEO Kirk Pickerel. “This action removes the safeguards that prohibited discrimination based upon union affiliation in the awarding of federal contracts.

This allows the socialists to funnel the stimulus money to union-only companies, which is that small 15% owned and controlled by the mob and their liberal allies.

Between this act and the grabbing of the US Census to now be controlled by the President it is becoming clear the liberals will only share in the stimulus if the American People declare fealty to their party. The great socialist civil war is beginning by a blatant and crude grab for power and federal money.

Too bad for them America is not interested in a socialist form of government. There will be a backlash to all this nonsense. You can see it coming.

Update: Even some Brits are starting to wonder what has America has done to herself?

Update: Yes, Americans smell something funny in DC. It will not take much for Americans to see the useless futility of this bill, and then those who backed it will be held responsible for its failure. There is no way on earth this mess of pork will turn the economy around in the next year as structured. None. The Democrats are signing their own death sentence.

Update: The unreported economic stimuli now in place and soothing our economic pain:

I think we are ignoring three things about the stimulus package. First, the soaring deficits and mounting aggregate debt in the 2000s contributed to our present debacle. (Yes, Bush and the Republican Congress are to be blamed for spending sprees that cannot be explained entirely by 9/11, Katrina and the two wars). We were already ‘stimulated’ and running a Keynesian economy, so why is more of what got us into this trouble the solution?

Second, the crash in oil prices from $148 a barrel to less than $40 has resulted in, along with dives in imported natural gas, a monstrous stimulus-perhaps three-quarters of a trillion dollars per year for consumers. Can’t we pause a month or three to see the effects of thousands of dollars in cheaper heating and transportation costs for the American household?

Third, interest on US treasury bonds is nearing almost nothing. Yet, Asia and Europe are still buying them. The result is that the US is receiving trillions in free loan money that should be translating into cheap mortgages and interest rates, and an infusion of cash that will soon kick in unexpectedly dramatic fashion.

In other words, while we scream about the Great Depression, there are insidious, rarely mentioned stimuli already in play that are far more helpful that borrowing a $1 trillion to redistribute and hire more government employees.

Give us our money back, we will fix the economy.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Good. Let them sign their own death sentence. Obie’s poll numbers are declining. I wonder what kind of poll numbers Congress is getting these days.

    People were so astonished at our reaction to Obie’s EO’s, decisions, acts, etc. when it’s only been two days, five days, two weeks, three weeks.

    We already know long before what Obie will do but not these people. I have not seen them expressing regrets for their vote towards Obie. Have you?

  2. AJStrata says:


    Congressional approval is still below 30% in one recent poll.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    It looks more and more like the way to attack this thing is to try to convince the members of the Blue Dog Caucus in the House of Rep to defeat the conference report version of this on the second time through the wringer.

    Eleven of them joined the right in the first time through and that caucus in general is more than a bit upset with the Pelosi iron handed way of doing things.

    It is within the realm of possibility to turn enough of them between decreasing support among their own base and reasonable persuasion from the right without harsh demanding.

  4. browngreengold says:

    The hurry, hurry, hurry, the sky is falling, gotta hurry, hurry, hurry to pass this is sending some strong signals to the American people that this thing is not all that it is being made out to be.

    Anytime there is this much push for haste in DC, the People should rightly have their antennae twitching.

    The Dems are ramrodding through their 40 year wishlist while betting that no one is really watching closely.

    In the new age of information, Internet, blogging, etc, etc, that’s not a wise bet.

    The slumbering giant is waking slowly.

  5. kathie says:

    Before the housing collapse, before the election of 2006, the deficit was scheduled to be $200 and something billion. With the tax cuts, it was going down each year with unemployment at 5% plus. Bush tried to head off the housing crisis but had spent his capital on the wars, combating lies and political rhetoric that was reckless and not in the interest of the American people.

    I can’t spend money except on absolute essentials because I don’t trust my source of income, I don’t trust what mandates the government is going to make on my income or on products that I might buy.

    I think that the government should take the same posture. Only spend what is absolutely necessary. Cut government spending, make the states balance their budget. If the government mirrored what we the people must do, people would have confidence and slowly begin to spend and investing. Lower taxes on the middle class and businesses, and wait.

  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    Obama in his inaugural talked of the choice of hope over fear and now he is selling only the politics of fear.

    Bit of a change there.

  7. Frogg says:

    Against the Law: Obama’s bid to control the 2010 census

  8. […] is more. It has become clear that the stimulus is only being sent out to Comrades of the Liberals. Union-only construction companies, only certain banks and investment firms, only certain left leaning lobbyists are allowed inside […]