Nov 05 2008

Nattering Negativity Vs. A New Beginning

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Well, listening to conservative talk radio this morning I found the only one tolerable was Bill Bennett. Laura and Chris Plante and others were screaming the doom and gloom again this morning.

Look, I did not support Obama and I can run a million scary scenarios of what will happen through my head. But I can also run a million hopeful ones too. One of the problems I have had with the far right is they have lost the “Shining City On The Hill” optimism of Reagan. If you believe in America and its people you have to give the new leaders a chance to prove themselves. We gave Clinton and Carter that chance and they bungled it horribly, so history can give us some pause. But this is a new America today with as much potential for doing good as any other America.

The implosion of the GOP began with Harriet Meirs nomination and the civil war that broke out in the conservative coalition. Here is what I wrote would happen to the conservative movement in 2005:

The anti-Miers crowd won a pyrrhic victory today. The extreme right’s confidence and tolerance was tested, and found wanting. Instead of debating the merits of Miers, and allowing her to get to the confirmation hearings – too many in that crowd demeaned Miers and those, like me, who wanted to know who she was before rising in opposition. Their confidence was a charade as they panicked and lashed out in a way I thought republicans had outgrown and only liberals still did.

It is clear now that us impure conservatives cannot be allowed to participate in any meaningful or leading roles. We are not pure bloods with clear lineage to the far right cause. If Ronald Reagan had been nominated he too would have been pilloried for tolerating people who were not for making abortions illegal, or tolerating gays openly, or hoping for diversity in the workplace. Harriet Miers was in many ways a version of Ronald Reagan. She is a convert to what was supposed to be a broader cause.

The message from the Miers fiasco is clear. Only purebloods can be offered for positions of responsibility. If you are not a pureblood, then there is no depth the purebloods will go to knock you down as a mudblood.

Do I see serious problems for the GOP out of this? You betcha. Sorry folks, I just am going to find it real hard to support people who insulted Bush because they feared what Miers might be. I don’t think people can blame me for being taken aback by the most outrageous comments and actions we saw over Miers. And I am a hard core conservative. If you have folks like me, The Anchoress and others struck by these acts then maybe there is something to it? What worries me are the moderates who are not solid conservatives who need to be persuaded their voice and views are welcomed. It is harder to make the case now.

I could see the implosion coming years ago. Alliances are built on common ground, not demanding everyone toe the line. As I said earlier, unless conservatives are attracting voters they are losing politically. We can be for small government, while not leaving those in need out to fend for themselves in times of need. We can be for lower taxes, and yet give our seniors a solid prescription drug plan that saves the government money. We can be for constructionist judges by making alliances with democrats who honor the right of a President to make judicial appointments. We can have immigrant workers who must follow the rules while protecting our borders.

These are not either-or ideas, but too often we try to make the one or the other instead of a reasonable blend.

Too often the right’s fears overtake them and they begin lashing out at the very people they need to support them. Until this ends we will not see conservative movement rise again to leadership in this nation. We need to give people hope and respect and listen to their concerns. We need to help people who made some bad choices make good ones into the future and join the mainstream. We need to be visionary, not reactionary.

We can rebuild the movement, but only if we come together. Otherwise the liberals (who do come together) will continue to win until they do so much damage they must be removed. We need to end this cycle. We have two years to figure it out. 2010 could be 1994, but it will take more than becoming a pure minority.

I am hoping Obama can find a way too bring a new beginning and progress. Not because I want Democrats or liberals to win, but because that is what is best for this country. I am not going to let my darker scenarios obscure the potential that also exists. I am not surrendering a single conservative position in this. We are entering a time of great opportunity and peril. No one should be working for the latter at the expense of the former. That supposedly is not the American or Conservative way. At least not the conservative approach of Reagan or Bush or McCain or Palin. Not from where I sit.

Update: Must read today – The Anchoress (my kindred independent conservative).

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  1. Mark_for_Senate says:

    “We are entering a time of great opportunity and peril. No one should be working for the latter at the expense of the former. ”
    I agree with this sentiment completely; however, The problem we face is that the Democrats have proven to place their quest for power above what is best for the country and its citizens and nothing has led me to believe that will ever change.

  2. crosspatch says:

    I believe this tells the story. From Ed Morrissey:

    In 2004, Bush beat John Kerry by winning 62.04 million votes. In 2008, Obama won 62.443 million, a gain of only 400,000. In 2004, Kerry garnered 59.028 million votes; John McCain only got 55.386 million. That means this election saw 3.24 million fewer votes than four years ago. Far from being more energized, the nation appeared to be more apathetic.

    So basically the expanded turnout models were wrong.

  3. Redteam says:

    Well as a true patriotic American, the government has had a peaceful transition in the manner created by our founding fathers well over two hundred years ago. Did I like the outcome, nope. but apparently a majority did and that’s the way it should be.
    I personally don’t believe he can deliver on most of the things he promised (at least I hope he can’t)
    I know the far left loonies expect him to complete the troop pullout in Iraq by the end of the day on Jan 20. That won’t happen, they’ll still be there at the end of his second term(assuming he serves two) That will be the beginning of the end of the far left loonies honeymoon.
    I saw the video of the woman saying he was going to buy her gas for her and pay her mortgage (unfortunately, he’ll attempt to)
    Thank God he didn’t get a filibuster proof Senate. That will be a saving grace for the conservatives. I recognize there are some conservative democrats that will want to retain their seats so will vote conservative when they have to. I suspect Mn will recount the number of times necessary to finally give that seat to Franken and will then cease recounting (as Washington did a couple years ago).
    I think the gay marriage bans passing is a good thing. If gays want the same rights as straights, they should be able to get them with civil unions.

    Mark, on your comment: It says a lot that Republicans have to worry about their automobile being keyed if it had a McCain sticker. Obama supporters didn’t have that worry.

  4. kathie says:

    The zero sum games played on the right have brought us the left.
    You can chose to pick fights carefully or fight all the time about everything. I remember drawing lines in the sand over life and death issues with my children, because that was a fight worth having, but letting the color of the jeans go for now. I think the “purists” as AJ calls them fight over everything equally harshly. With them everything is absolutely critical.

    To get support to fight for America’s survival, the President gave way on prescription drugs, and areas of “no child left behind”. That compromise was enough to ignite the “purists”. Governance is about give and take and knowing how to set priorities. Everything is not of equal importance, a lesson the “purists” need to learn. You don’t loose a country to deport an immigrant.

  5. crosspatch says:

    I could see the implosion coming years ago. Alliances are built on common ground, not demanding everyone toe the line.

    Amen. And I still read this morning that if only a “real conservative” had been running, things would have been different. I find that hard to believe. When given a choice between extreme left and moderate center, America chose extreme left but not by any landslide.

    Ronald Reagan was elected not because he told people how horrible this country was and how they had to be this or that. He told the American people that if the government would just leave them alone to just be who they are … left or right … things would get better. And they did. His basic message was that government isn’t the answer, government is the problem. And the more government BUTTS OUT of things, generally the better things are. We don’t need extreme liberals manipulating things this way or extreme conservatives manipulating them in the other direction. In general, we need government that gives the people the freedom to make their own decisions. And that sometimes means the freedom to try something new and fail.

    This notion that somehow the government owes you a living, owes you a home, owes you healthcare, owes you an income … is going to ruin us.

  6. Reflections on the GOP Losses…

    While Democrats get to cheer and gloat over their victories and the historic win of President-elect Barack Obama, the Republican party has to begin some serious and thoughtful soul-searching….

  7. stevevvs says:

    Bush destroyed the Party. Your all in denial.

    The only conservative things he did in 8 years was Reduce Tax Rates, and good Judges. The rest were left turns. I sent this last night:

    Subject: Center Left Country?

    Yes. Three Reasons:
    1. Government Schools.
    2. The Media
    3. Mass Immigration of people from totally different cultures.

    I don’t ever see a CONSERVATIVE, Republican Majority again in my lifetime. We let the left take over education at all levels, including the Universities. They own the Media, Television, and Print, and will try the “Fairness Doctrine” to eliminate the last bastion of Conservative thought. Finally, mass, uncontrolled, un assimilated immigration. It will only get worse now.

    Bush, frankly, is more to blame than McCain. He let Kennedy write the Education bill, when he should have dismantled the Department of Education. He rarely went on the Media, and rarely was conservative! And finally, he not only looked the other way for 6 years at mass illegal aliens coming here, he increased LEGAL immigration. He even gave us a ten fold increase in Iraqis. I thought we liberated them?

    McCain was too much like Obama. Bail Out? me too! Amnesty? Me too. Save your home from foreclosure? me too? Global Warming? me too! Cap and Trade? me too!

    I live in North Carolina. Where I work, it’s full of immigrants, mostly Middle Easterners, Indians, Africans, and Asians. With the exception of the Asians, they ALL voted Obama. Bill Ayers? did not matter. Frank Marshal Davis? who cares. Jeremiah Wright? Obama never heard him. Tony Resco? Just a neighbor. Tax increases? Obama says no. Kill the Coal Industry? Your lying. The Blacks were totally spell bound. The Muslims know he’s one of them.

    So we got change, much like the Russians, the Cubans, and the Germans.

    But I could not stomach McCain myself. I went into the Voting booth, and the LAST vote I cast was for President. I though long and hard, and had to vote with my Founding Fathers. I had to vote for Liberty, Sovereignty, the Rule of Law. I had to follow the Constitution to the best of my ability, as a voter. As a result, this is who I voted for:

    President: Chuck Baldwin CP
    Senator: Elizabeth Dole RP
    Congressman: Robyn Hayes RP
    Governor: Mark Munger LP
    Lt. Governor: Robert Pitenger. RP

    I felt relieved, and frankly, quite proud when I left. I stood up for American Values, founded in the Constitution of the United States. I believe it was the greatest document ever written, by the bravest and brightest minds this country ever produced. I could not vote for the socialist, McCain, nor the Marxist, yes I said Marxist, Obama.

    I followed the Founders vision to the best of my ability, you can not say the same.

  8. stevevvs says:

    McCain snubbed his base. He went on all the Liberal TV shows, but ignore talk radio.

    He reached out to the other side, but ignored his own party faithful.

    He was a war hero, but no lover of the Constitution, the Rule of Law, Sovereignty, or any thing of importance to the Republic’s survival.

    The Party lost it’s way under Bush. Gone were the days of Fiscal Constrant, we spent like drunken sailors. Earmarks? We were kings of Earmarks? Growing Government? We were the best in decades, from Prescription drugs, to new bloated departments, we created them!

    We got drunk on power. We thought as long as we were at war, we would not be replaced.

    They Governed well from 1995- 2001, but we had no conservative leadership, and we became the other party, domesticly.

    So, for all the talk of how great a conservative leader Bush is or was, the facts show otherwise.

    And in the end, the fact are there for all with eyesight to see. It just take courage to be honest with yourself.

    Take Care.

  9. stevevvs says:

    Remember this: If you follow Jersey’s rather than Principles, it’s the Principles that are left behind.

    For years I followed the R Jersey. But the R Jersey kept expecting me to shelve my principles, as they were surely better than the D Jersey. But in the end, those Principles of The Constitution, The Rule of Law, Sovereignty, Borders, Language, Culture, really ment more to me than voting the Lesser of Two Evils.

    I’m proud of me, the man I have become. It’s not popular here I’m sure, but I put Principle above Party.

    Our Founders Put Principle above all else as well.

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  11. AJStrata says:


    OK, enough ranting. Many of us our putting country first – before any individual’s ‘principles’. You do not own patriotism or love of country.

    And as long as you diss those who do but in a different way you will be on the outside raging and not on the inside making a difference.

    Someday you will realize that to win the right to lead in this country takes more than stubborn ideology.

    BTW – I don’t wear any jersey as an independent

  12. Terrye says:


    Bush did not destroy the party. Bush won two terms, he got more votes than any Republican in history and not so long ago he had coat tails. The right loved him when he was getting them what they wanted.

    But when things got difficult, they turned on him. They have this bad habit of eating their own.

    Time and again I have had to listen to some cry baby hard liner complain that he has been badly treated. But those hardliners had the same opportunities to nominate people, vote for people as everyone else. No one disenfranchised them or shun them or turned them out.

    The problem is they don’t win elections because they alienate too many people and then when they lose they blame everyone else.

  13. owl says:

    Yep, you just keep standing there on your principles, stevevvs.
    That ought to get you somewhere, like the same spot?

    AJ…………you and Anchoress about all the tolerance I could drag up over the last few years. I see 3 major cracks that took it apart.

    1)Miers………..that was when our elites stood up and out.
    2)Katrina…….Fry Brownie, complete with Sen Collin’s joke of a committee that chose to ignore the busses were only 50 miles away, the entire time.
    3)immigration……….the nail in the coffin. Idiots all.

    The MSM elected this president. Until someone figures that this is more than a RANT, and addresses the war, we put a man into office as CIC that does not even believe in our military.

    The Pug Congress. Those spineless wimps that are only one pay grade above their good friends across the way. They never understood that they had to fight those good buds and NOT Bush. While I am on the subject, is there a REASON that instead of constantly pointing out how he fought his own party, McCain could not have named those NAMES he promised? It would have been so nice to see just a few of of the Dem’s crooks pointed out by our Pug Congress. What? Is there not any Dems that are corrupt? Only Pugs?

    And exactly how is the American public expected to get these silent messages? They are not political junkies……….they have a life.

  14. owl says:

    I came back to rant at steve about Bush. Bush is about all that is good left standing in this party. Think MSM and what they did to Palin and Joe the P. They did the exact same to Bush and the war.

    BTW Terrye, just want to tell you that I now understand the appeal of Huckabee.

  15. Redteam says:

    I supported Bush from the beginning, still do. Did he do some things I didn’t particularly like, sure, but he did most things right.
    Both houses of congress belonged to the Repubs,, they blew it. They weren’t conservative when it counted as in spending and big government.

    But the Dems were just as much out 10 years ago, there was no way back. Well they’re back and the Repubs will be also.

    Just wait til the left loonies don’t get their way immediately. They will eat their young also. that will be fun to watch.

    The country has survived catastrophe’s before and will survive this one. The founding fathers did a great job, believe in them and their wisdom.

    the formerly MSM will now be able to focus on the ‘in’ party. They won’t do a good job but with the internet leading the way, scoundrels will be outed.

    I wish all the talk about ‘african-American’ would go away. Was the man elected on the content of his character or the color of his skin? I personally don’t care about his color one way or the other. I just wish he thought of himself as an American.

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  17. crosspatch says:

    I am thankful to Mr. Bush for keeping our country safe since 9/11. We know full well that it was the intention of Al Qaida to continue hitting us but they have so far been unable to. I believe that many of the successes of his term will be kept secret for many years. I don’t need the details. I can see the results.

    Thank you, President Bush.

  18. ExposeFannyNFreddyNow says:

    stevevvs is way off base in most of his rant except on one key point.

    “We let the left take over education at all levels, including the Universities. They own the Media, Television, and Print, and will try the “Fairness Doctrine” to eliminate the last bastion of Conservative thought.”

    The truth of this is searing in its succinctness.

    This right is now at a huge disadvantage because as a whole we allowed broad-base mass communication free rein to indoctrinate the young for the last three decades, the young that have now risen to power. It’s not by accident that Bill Ayers chose to be come an educator after “giving up” his old ways.

    The right may still own the radio waves for what little they’re worth these days. But in return they conceded the education system, mass media, and communication legislation at every turn.

    If the right isn’t ready to correct any and all of this at every opportunity, especially with the education system, regaining long-term traction will be nigh on impossible.

    For starters, economics should be taught as standard curriculum from the moment children can understand math. It’s this lack of education that allows the Peggy “Free gas! Free houses!” Josephs of the world to prevail, while allowing the Joe Wurzelbachers of the world to get ideologically mugged.

    Meantime, the most immediate weakness threatening That One and his Administration is how quickly and how well they restore and grow jobs, real jobs, not just gov’t tit jobs, while still satisfying their many union backers.

    Failure to deliver this to Americans is what will sink the Dems in ’10 and ’12. Our job is to hammer home the fact that this is now strictly the responsibility of That One. Any attempts to blame Bush for continued failure must be met with relentless doubts about their competency and whether they’re really up to the task at hand.

    After inauguration, the reins will be his to own for the next four years. If he feels they’re broken, it’s up to him to fix them, not whinge about them.

    If they are successful America should certainly be thankful, but serious doubts are not to be cast aside for the sake of euphoria. That One may have won an election but his trustworthiness is still at best, highly debatable.

  19. ExposeFannyNFreddyNow says:

    Second thoughts.

    Scratch my last comment about “communication legislation”. The “Fairness Doctrine” should be struck down as unconstitutional by virtue of the First Amendment, not through more gov’t legislation or allowing new legislation to usurp the Constitution.

    Sorry. Lost my head there.

  20. Sorry to say Steve has more than a few good points.

    WE have polluted the piss out of this country, citizenship should be earned not given away in a lottery, like Bush did.

    NOt one media person went to jail for treason and divulging secrets. Of course they were wild and lying.

    He never punished the guy who stuffed the papers down his pants but he sure did give him a fine.

    Let me be friends with the other side while they continually stuck it up his ass.
    How many of his judge requests are still sitting there?

    He had the balls to fight Iraq but not his own congress.