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Sep 26 2010

The Real Tea Party Movement Emerges

I think the Political Industrial Complex on the right is still trying to take control of the Tea Party, and is missing the point of the movement. I have said for a year this is a libertarian movement, not a social conservative movement. And two recent articles make the point quite clearly. First, via RCP, […]

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Feb 26 2009

“Pure” Conservatives Are Shocked Their Worn Out, Rejected Image Not Working

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The old (and tiresome) guard of conservatism is apoplectic that there boy Bobby flamed out so badly with his response to President Obama’s report to Congress Tuesday: Sounds like Ace and I are now Republican personas non grata. As are an awful lot of commenters in last night’s megathread, I might add. … So, where are we? We as conservatives are […]

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Nov 10 2008

Can Conservatism Regain Mainstream Support?

For all those who want to ‘reclaim’ conservatism let me give you a little hint – there is no need to ‘claim’ something people are rejecting at the voting booth. Obama won this election because something has soured the mood of the moderate conservatives and the optimistic youth (remember those days folks, where anything was […]

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Nov 05 2008

Nattering Negativity Vs. A New Beginning

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Well, listening to conservative talk radio this morning I found the only one tolerable was Bill Bennett. Laura and Chris Plante and others were screaming the doom and gloom again this morning. Look, I did not support Obama and I can run a million scary scenarios of what will happen through my head. But I […]

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Nov 05 2008

The Day After

It looks like the state polls were more accurate than I had hoped (which brings me to my retirement as a cynic on polls). Drudge has the national popular vote tally as: OBAMA: 59,524,759 MCCAIN: 53,553,241 I am sure this is not a complete tally, there were a lot of close states, but it is […]

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