Oct 15 2008

The “Traditional” Turnout Model Is Turning On Obama

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McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America!

Here’s the key to this presidential election – turnout!

Has Governor Palin ignited a quietly determined grass roots anti-DC wave? If you look at her crowds she gets on the stump the answer is ‘yes‘ – they rival Obama’s. If you look at the viewership for her debate with Joe What’s-his-name the answer is a definitive ‘yes‘ (her debate holds the all time record for viewers if you factor in PBS and/or C-SPAN audiences). Are conservatives fired up at the idea of stopping the socialist Obama from creating an all liberal DC the answer is ‘yes‘.

Is America ready to reject The Chosen One of the DC Political Industrial Complex? With support for Congress and the media at all time lows and 90% of the country of the firm opinion the country is on the wrong track, the answer is ‘hell yes’!

And now Gallup has proof that this is very much a possible, and maybe even probable, outcome of the election. They have done this nation a huge favor by posting two turnout models for their polls. One where there is no ground swell for Palin, or against DC and their Anointed One, which has Obama +8%. And they have a second ‘traditional’ turnout model where both sides come fully to engage in this all important election. And THAT model shows an ever shrinking lead for The One:


Under the traditional model Obama’s lead is now down to +3% and falling (it was at +7% just a few days ago). So the answer to Obama is simple – get out and vote and take 5 friends with you!

McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America!

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