Sep 06 2008

DC/NY Political Industrial Complex Is All Confused And Angry Over Palin

A beautiful thing happened in American politics this last week. The iron grip of the arrogant, hyper-partisan political careerists with terminal God-complexes have become confused and angry because America intruded into their little echo chamber of disaster in the form of Sarah Palin. You can see it in the pathetic and cheap news media coverage (especially on CNN and MSNBC which have fallen to new lows thanks to Blitz and Dolberman). You can see it in the circles of the temple of liberal feminists elites:

This is not to beat up on Palin. I defend her right to be wrong, even on issues that matter most to me. I regret that people say she can’t do the job because she has children in need of care, especially if they wouldn’t say the same about a father. I get no pleasure from imagining her in the spotlight on national and foreign policy issues about which she has zero background, with one month to learn to compete with Sen. Joe Biden’s 37 years’ experience.

And you can hear it in the church of the ‘true conservatives’.

One example from the Church of the far right is David Frum, who I have concluded as real issues with strong women since his response to Harriet Miers (a former boss) was completely over the top and seemed at times to be motivated by hate. Now he goes after Sarah – there is pattern here. Get a gander at his shock when this unknown from the dirty masses showed up:

Ms. Palin’s experience in government makes Barack Obama look like George C. Marshall. She served two terms on the city council of Wasilla, Alaska, population 9,000. She served two terms as mayor. In November, 2006, she was elected governor of the state, a job she has held for a little more than 18 months. She has zero foreign policy experience, and no record on national security issues.

All this would matter less, but for this fact: The day that John McCain announced his selection of Sarah Palin was his birthday. His 72nd birthday. Seventy-two is not as old as it used to be, but Mr. McCain had a bout with melanoma seven years ago, and his experience in prison camp has uncertain implications for his future health.

If anything were to happen to a President McCain, the destiny of the free world would be placed in the hands of a woman who until the day before Friday was a small-town mayor.

There is a reason David Frum sounds like Gloria Steinem when talking about Sarah Palin. There is a reason Andrew Sulliven has gone into the sewer and Charles Krauthammer is wringing his hands. These poles of political dysfunction all realize they are losing their clout if Sarah is VP. The GOP is smart enough to know not to bring the knives out into the open. And I honestly think most people on the right and in the GOP are jazzed to have Palin – and her message and her symbolism – on the ticket. 

But do not forget that Hannity, Ingraham and others are going to be taking a back seat to Sarah now. Do not forget that Pelosi, Hillary and Reid will be bowing down to the political power America is handing to Sarah Palin. These failed political leadership are blaming Palin when it was their failures that created the opportunity for two Mavericks to come in and clean house in the first place. Why do people think this has been the election of the outsider? Being an outsider is really the only charm Obama had going, until the facade was ripped off during the democrat primaries.

As long as the outsider was on the side of the liberals the liberal media felt safe, they would be needed to carry the message of ‘change’. But the minute the outsider turned out to be a conservative they realized they were in as much trouble as the GOP (which got a big dose of voter and consumer anger in 2006). Being a woman, or being the first woman to break into the White House, will not console them with their loss of influence (and money).

I grew up in DC and come from a political family (my grandfather was a US Congressman (D)), and I know how this town operates – and it is allon raw power and influence. John McCain has, in his last mission for America, tapped into the heartland of America to try and fix the paralyzed and partisan political culture and political industrial complex of America’s government (make no mistake about how much corporate money feeds all the talking heads). I have spent my life making sure I don’t go ‘native’ into the political culture and remain a true American as much as possible (note: that is why I am not a ‘true conservative’ or ‘true liberal’). I have tried to keep my head outside the beltway while working in this culture. I can smell the fear Palin is generating.

The next few months may be hard for Americans to understand at first. They will wonder at the salvos coming left and right – mostly left of course because it is the Dems and the Libs who have the most turf to lose. The reaction from the left is so heated and angry it is hard to miss:

The office for which Hillary Clinton strove with merciless determination for a lifetime, only to see it snatched away from her in the 11th hour, could fall into the lap of Sarah Palin, a populist outsider, who hadn’t prepared or even looked for the job. While Hillary was hobnobbing with Washington’s Who’s Who, Sarah chatted with the fire chief of Wasilla, Alaska, pop. 7,000. This makes Democrats livid. Feminists, in particular, can barely contain themselves.

Let’s fine-tune this. There are two kinds of feminists: Those who want to see the presidency available to women, and those who want to see the presidency available to card-carrying, licensed and agenda-certified female feminists. No accidental, willy-nilly women need apply. Sen. McCain’s choice made the second kind livid.

In the space of one weekend, Gov. Palin caused the sisterhood to metamorphose into veritable replicas of Boticelli’s Madonna. The wounded cry, “But what about the children?” echoed all over the land. The feminist housefrau emerged like a butterfly from the caterpillar of the professional woman. Overnight, a trickle of motherhood in feminism’s mainstream turned into a torrent. Ardent besiegers of the glass ceiling, who only a day before were set to eviscerate anyone who dared to suggest that women couldn’t shift gears between career and family as smoothly as men, flooded the airwaves with crocodile tears of concern about the price Palin’s children would have to pay for their mother’s ambition.

Fairly pathetic, isn’t it? As if we don’t all know why they hate Sarah Palin – she will marginalize them for three or more decades, maybe forever. I have been happy to see that the far right has rallied around Sarah Palin and I am confident 95% of this is real and down to the core. But I also know how Mavericks work. If McCain decides to resurrect the Comprehensive Immigration Reform the far right may go bonkers. Who knows.

What I do know is Sarah is not from here, and McCain has spent his life here remaining an outsider to some degree. America has a chance with this ticket to send a message to the failed Political Industrial Complex – you serve, survive and thrive at OUR pleasure. Screw it up and we send in new people to replace you.

And that is why Palin is so hated on the left (and to some degree why Obama was so feared on the right and by the Clintons). Whoever wins this election will have some serious political clout to roll over the vested interests left and right – if they have the backbone and sincerity. And it is in this key area McCain-Palin beats Obama-Biden.

Biden is so old school it is ridiculous, and in fact was a terrible choice for Obama because it crippled his “outsider with a vision” image. If he had gone young and female this race would be over. McCain did go young and female, and that ticket has a clear history of shaking things up and cleaning house – something sorely lacking on the Dem side. Obama’s ‘change’ mantra at one point turned out to mean ‘change his mind – again’. He has shown no convictions except for America’s defeat in Iraq, and even on that note he has been slowly pushed back into reality.

No, McCain-Palin are the team of DC outsiders with conviction, spine, scars and experience to inject a little America back into the DC/NY Political Industrial Complex. And that is what this election (and 2006) where all about. The parties are seen as part of the problem, the liberal propaganda houses of the ‘news’ media is part of the problem, the gridlock of hyper-partisanship is part of the problem.  These problems need fixing.

The country by 80% says we are on the wrong track. That is also the same level of distaste for the Dem Congress, which has accomplished nothing (but wants to investigate the GOP). Below them stand the media. There is a reason these aspects of DC/NY all have the same levels of support in America. Bush is allowed some leeway given his leadership on 9-11 and since. That is why he is twice as popular as Congress. In fact, as we mark our last 9-11 Memorial with the President who kept us safe all these years there will be a rise in the support for Bush – mark my words.

This country will send George Bush off with a thanks for what he did right, and a focus on the screw ups still messing up in DC. Bush is not the future, Sarah Palin is (with her guide and mentor John McCain). I would suspect 80% of this country is just fine with this new course, this new track because so far we have not seen anything else that is moving us on a different track. Obama had the chance and muffed it.

No one is going to argue that McCain-Palin are not changing tracks. No one who is not threatened by them, anyway. 80% want a new direction for this country – and they don’t want that direction coming from the DC/NY Political Industrial Complex.

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11 Responses to “DC/NY Political Industrial Complex Is All Confused And Angry Over Palin”

  1. perdogg says:

    “Major General Craig Campbell of the Alaska National Guard said Governor Palin goes to deployments and returns, she is closely involved in developing the budget and ensuring Guard needs are met, and that the Guard members and families are taken care of.

    General Campbell said the disparaging of Governor Palin’s role as Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard is diminishing the role and stature of the Guard itself. He said that the Guard is a state military force used by the governor for state needs. He said a C-17 and some helicopters in addition to Alaska National Guard troops deployed last week to Louisiana to help with the hurricane, and it was done between governors without the involvement of the president.

    Campbell spoke highly of Palin’s visit with the Alaskan troops in Kuwait, that it was one of the first things she wanted to do when she became governor. Campbell said Palin came back from the trip with many ideas to improve operations and conditions for the troops.”

  2. Terrye says:

    It is not just the politicians, it is the pundits and the Washington media and all the rest of yammering elitists who think 90% of the country is stupid.

    I heard about Bob Woodward’s new book and I thought Oh please, another back stabbing tell all from an inside the Beltway parasite. I am sooo sick of these people.

    They think that we are just hear to pay the taxes and vote for whoever they tell us to vote for…and if, as in the case of Bush, we vote for someone they think is the wrong person…well out come the long knives.

    I think people have responded to Palin the way they have because they do not want to see the professional political class do to her, what they did to Bush.

  3. kathie says:

    Good run down AJ. You have a side of the story that us middle Americans, regular people really don’t.

    What I know is that many Americans know authenticity when they see it, and they know that our Washington representatives are in the game for something we didn’t send them to Washington for. We out here are not stingy, we are compassionate, we like to win, we want all people to have a fair shake, we will do unto others as we want others to do unto us.

    Intuitively we know that Palin is a really big deal. I’m not sure of all the reasons, but she represents a really big something. Tears streamed down my face when she came on the scene. I’m not a feminist, so it wasn’t gender. There was something intangible that she embodied that was good, and bright. We all know people aren’t perfect and our leaders aren’t perfect either. But over the long run we do well as a people, we right our wrongs and move forward. We strive to better, we know who we are as a nation.

    Sarah affirms our basic goodness as a people and as a nation. That is good!

  4. kathie says:

    I just heard on FOX that John McCain’s campaign collected the American Flags that were discarded after the Democrat Convention in Denver and will give them to the people who are attending a whistle stop for him in Colorado Springs. It is interesting, I live in Colorado, and it was all over the papers that after the Invesco Field bonanza the crowd threw away the flags by the thousands in the dumpsters (the show was over). So someone in John’s campaign must have collected them. They will tell the story of how they came to have them and give them away. As many know Colorado Springs is a big military town. It will be interesting that Obama needs Colorado. I don’t think this will play well.

  5. dude1394 says:

    I’ve been amused about why the “high-tech-lynching” against Sarah is so damaging to the left versus the one against Clarence Thomas..

    It’s new media, the way african-americans participated but most of all it’s the numbers, after all females are a majority in this country.

    The leftists and the media in particular have really stepped in it this time. They were able to smear Thomas because he didn’t have an independent constituency behind him to be outraged, Sarah has the biggest in the country.

  6. crosspatch says:

    Interesting story over at Sweetness and Light.

    This morning, Republicans tell me that a worker at Invesco Field in Denver saved thousands of unused flags from the Democratic National Convention that were headed for the garbage. Guerrilla campaigning. They will use these flags at their own event today in Colorado Springs with John McCain and Sarah Palin.

    Before McCain speaks today, veterans will haul these garbage bags filled with flags out onto the stage — with dramatic effect, no doubt — and tell the story.

  7. kathie says:

    The flags were thrown away, left on the ground at Invesco field and in dumpsters. There were pictures in all the news papers. No one stole them, except to rescue them from being thrown out.

  8. owl says:

    MSM. David Frum. Peggy Noonan. Heavens! Please do not even think about getting between me and the voting booth.

  9. The Macker says:

    Very good post about “political careerists” and “liberal propagandist houses.” We are witnessing their death watch.

    With new sources of information, we no longer have to choke on the media bile.

    McCain and Palin love America, it’s apparent. And Americans are tired of self flaggelation.

  10. VinceP1974 says:

    The Left erupted in manic rage and fury. The BlogLeft’s rage I attribute to simple hatred of normal decent Americans. Nothing more complicated than that. And of course, that she wasn’t one of them.

    And just like you said about the Government – Media Complex. they’re terrorified

    The thing that I love about Sarah is that she fought people in her own party and had them removed. That proves her anti-corruption bona fides.

    Corruption and spending are destroying the country.

  11. Concerned Citizen says:

    Mainstream media has not adapted to the new environment of wireless devices and the internet. Electronic distribution has made news a commodity. That leaves opinion and analysis for them to peddle.

    Sadly, they decided to turn to opinion, but still market it as news. Kind of like putting a Cadillac emblem on a Chevy and selling it as a Cadillac…. The general public is not that stupid. We can tell when people are lying to us.

    The internet lets candidates “go direct” and talk directly without the need for middlemen (i.e. reporters and media companies) to distort a candidate’s message to suit their needs, as you so aptly pointed out in this article. It let’s us choose our own candidate, not the one “vetted” by the Ivy Leaguers.