Aug 28 2008

Obama Is Not Ready To Lead Nation According To Biden, Dodd, Hillary – and Obama

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I have to tip my hat to the McCain PR machine – it has been devastating to Obama. This election has turned from being a referendum on Bush or Iraq and is now firmly a question of Obama’s readiness to take on the responsibilities of leading and protecting this nation.  On June 12th I posted on an incredible video of Obama honestly assessing his own lack or readiness to be President as he took his office in the US Senate.

Here is what I wrote then:

Clearly, as highlighted, Obama is admitting he felt unqualified and too inexperienced to run as President. Yet he also admitted to run for President he would have to start the very next day (which apparently he did). Obama is going to get creamed over this video because it begs lots of questions:

  1. Senator Obama, did you start running for President essentially as you took your Senate oath?  And was that not unfair to the people who elected you to represent them in the Senate (I am sure there is a great amount of data on all the votes and debates Obama missed while campaigning)
  2. Senator Obama, what experiences and accomplishments did you gain since 2004 that turned you from not being prepared to being prepared to be the President of the United States (this limits the years he can reference to bolster his national security lack of experience – no Boy Scouts).
  3. Senator Obama, who should the American people believe, Barrack_2004 or Barrack_2008?

McCain’s life just got simpler.

The wizards in McCain’s media circle clearly saw the potential with this video and timed it to perfectly cripple Obama’s plans to sell America he is ready.  Check out this new McCain ad – it is devastating (H/T Powerline):



The question for democrats now stands: Are you so desperate to gain back the presidency that you are willing to put a completely inexperienced and untested man into the White House? The fact is Americans do not have Bush Derangement Syndrome and are unwilling to risk so much for simple revenge. Democrats lost sight of the reason to be President. It is not to feed the world’s poor, it is to defend and protect the United States and its people, and try and stay out of their way as they build their lives and express their freedom of choice. McCain may be weak on the latter, but there is no doubt he can do the former.

McCain is running one hell of a campaign.


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  1. gwood says:

    This is a great ad, but I worry that focusing on Obama’s inexperience is not as powerful as pointing out what some of his other shortcomings would be. For those on the left, he absolutely IS ready to lead this country where THEY want it to go. For far too many voters, his inexperience is not seen as a negative.

    He is infinitely qualified to raise taxes. He is quite capable of taking our tax money and spending it on “world poverty”. He will have the ability to appoint leftist judges in spades, no experience needed. As commander in chief, he will only need his position to neuter the American military and weaken our defense, while strengthening our enemies with a passive, let’s talk foreign policy. He will have the “experience” necessary to put absolute nincompoops in positions of power with his appointments. If the Dems win a filibuster proof majority in the house and senate, then Howdy Doody could take this country to where the left wants to take it.

    Admittedly, this ad could have some effect on leaners, but I would venture to say that Obama’s “liberalness”, his embrace of socialist economics, is the most scary thing about him. Maybe we should talk about his inexperience for part of the time, but the majority of the ads should focus on his policies and his Marxist vision for America.

    I would get some footage of a young Castro speaking to enthralled Cubans back in the 50’s, and perhaps show some of the defectors crossing over to Florida on make-shift boats, because Cuba is where we’re headed if we elect this guy.

  2. AJStrata says:


    For McCain to win he needs to peel off the moderates and independents and leave Barack with only the far left liberals.

    That is ALL he needs to do. Each moderate or independent has a different set of doubts – not too many worry about tax increases since Obama has a plan that only effects (so he says) the rich.

    These doubts need to be sowed in fertile land where there is no chance of them being corrected by spin and disinformation.

    This ad is amazing.

  3. breschau says:

    So, exactly what does it say about McCain that “a completely inexperienced and untested man” is six points ahead of him, before Obama gives his speech tonight?

    Oh, and how many moderates do you think he picked up by the GOP adding a total ban on all stem cell research — public and private — to their agenda?

  4. missy1 says:

    Gallup uses registered voters, not likely voters. Rasmussen uses likely voters, they have it as a tie.

    Likely voter polling is much more accurate.

  5. WWS says:

    “watchoo talkin bout, willis??””

    Gary Coleman was real popular a couple decades ago, too.

  6. gwood says:

    So, exactly what does it say about McCain that “a completely inexperienced and untested man” is six points ahead of him, before Obama gives his speech tonight?

    It says very little about McCain, but A LOT about the socialist leanings of his admittedly huge following.

  7. pjo says:

    Breschau, misleading the folks again? Ban is only for embryonic stem cells only. Which the people who read this site know that it has been a dead-end hole that a lot of people insist we must keeping throwing more money down that money pit. Yes some moderates and independents will be turned-off by the ban but I think more will approve of it because of the source of the stem cells and the fact that is continues to be all promise and nothing to show for it.

  8. breschau says:


    Yes, I was obviously being very, very misleading – by including a link to the article, so that everyone could read about it themselves. How dastardly of me!

    “It is a call for a total ban on embryonic stem-cell research, including privately funded research using frozen embryos from in-vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics. By contrast, the 2004 platform was in accord with President Bush’s policy at the time, which made limited federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research available for the first time.”

    So, McCain has now moved even farther to the right than Busy/Cheney. That’ll bring the moderates over in DROVES!!

    No wonder his own in-laws won’t vote for him.

  9. Terrye says:

    Obama filed papers for this run 143 days after he took office in the Senate. 143 days. That is just ridiculous.


    Two days ago McCain was ahead, don’t get too cocky. I think that in some ways Obama’s lack of experience is a plus because he has not done anything. He has no record. So it is easier for him to make promises.

  10. kathie says:

    People do embryonic stem cell research all the time, it is just not funded by the government. Many states put large sums toward the research. So what’s the problem?

  11. Terrye says:

    The last time a Democrat had a six point lead over a Republican, from ABC:

    Among registered voters, 50 percent support Kerry in this ABC News/Washington Post poll, 44 percent Bush and 2 percent Ralph Nader — a gain of four points for Kerry and a loss of four for Bush from the pre-convention ABC/Post poll.

    That net shift of eight points is about half the average, 15 points, for challengers running against incumbents in elections since 1968 (ranging from +30 for Bill Clinton in 1992 to -3 for George McGovern in 1972). The average bounce for all candidates is 12 points.

    Among likely voters, Kerry’s six-point edge slips to an insignificant two points — 49 percent support for Kerry, 47 percent for Bush and 2 percent for Nader, a net (and at best very slight) six-point shift toward Kerry from the pre-convention poll.

  12. The Macker says:

    Pardon us for being so “far right.”

    Embryonic stem cell research has been a failure. What’s needed is better education of the so called “moderates”to understand more promising paths of research and the death spiral that comes with trivializing any human life.

    People will understand the seamless, life hating disposition of the Obama-Biden-Pelosi-Soros axis.

  13. ivehadit says:

    “McCain is running one hell of a campaign.” Indeed he is.

    And for the record, Rasmussen, polling LIKELY voters, has this race tied. Same time period as Gallup. Rasmussen is the only poll I care to follow.

    Polls smolls. McCain is tough as nails. I admire his tenacity.

  14. breschau says:


    So, if the polls respond the way Rasmussen expects them to, then you’ll believe Obama’s lead then?

    “Reviewing recent single-night polling data—rather than the three-day average–shows that Obama lost ground immediately following the selection of Joe Biden as his running mate. That had little or nothing to do with Biden and everything to do with the fact that the running mate was not named Hillary Clinton. The impact of that choice was reflected in the polling results released Tuesday and Wednesday showing modest gains for McCain.

    However, events are moving rapidly this season and the impact of the convention is starting to replace the impact of the Vice Presidential announcement. New polling data shows that 74% of Democrats say their convention has unified the party and 84% believe Hillary Clinton’s speech will help Obama in the fall.

    Obama’s poll numbers have improved over the past couple of nights and today’s update shows a tie race because it includes a mix of both recent trends. But it seems likely that Obama will end the convention with a modest lead over McCain.”

  15. WWS says:

    geez, why don’t you and your Obama blow up doll get a room.

  16. breschau says:

    Unfortunately, due to the Bush/Cheney economy, I really don’t have the spare cash for a room.

    So, I’m now only able to spend as much time in a hotel, as you are with the facts.

    As soon as you have the ability to actually address anything I’ve said, instead of ad hominem personal attacks, you let me know, okay?

    (Yes, you are allowed to look up what “ad honimen” means. I’ll wait.)

  17. missy1 says:

    “……leave the convention with a modest lead over McCain.”

    My, my, my. We’ve been told for a couple of years now that the dems will take Congress and the WH because the Republican brand is no longer attracting voters, it’s losing them.

    In this supposed atmosphere, you brag about a modest lead coming out of the convention where the average lead is around 12 points.

  18. ivehadit says:

    I trust Rasmussen more than any other pollster. A moderate bump? How much did that moderate bump cost the dems?

  19. MerlinOS2 says:

    Somebody name any other freshmen Senator that discussed the potential of running for President in his campaign for Senate victory speech.

    Got a feeling you will only come up with “the One” match.

  20. WWS says:

    “Unfortunately, due to the Bush/Cheney economy, I really don’t have the spare cash for a room.”

    oh, so now bankruptcy and the bottle are all Bush’s fault?

    This explains a lot – no personal responsibility, everything, even your own personal failings, are really Bush’s fault, not yours.