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Mar 05 2009

Bush Was An Inspiring Commander-In-Chief, Obama Not So Much

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Some amazing videos out on the net comparing the military responses to a visit by the Commander-In-Chief. First, the jarringly tepid response by US Marines this week to Commander-in-Chief Obama (big H/T Gateway Pundit) Now, compare that with this response to President Bush: And this one (from Gateway Pundit Again): The difference in respect is stunning.

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Aug 28 2008

Obama Is Not Ready To Lead Nation According To Biden, Dodd, Hillary – and Obama

I have to tip my hat to the McCain PR machine – it has been devastating to Obama. This election has turned from being a referendum on Bush or Iraq and is now firmly a question of Obama’s readiness to take on the responsibilities of leading and protecting this nation.  On June 12th I posted […]

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Aug 19 2008

McCain Commands As Commander-in-Chief

John McCain’s strong stance on the Georgia-Russia conflict is paying huge dividends amongst the American People: American likely voters say 55 – 27 percent that Arizona Sen. John McCain is better qualified than Illinois Sen. Barack Obama to deal with Russia and now trails the Democrat 47 – 42 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University […]

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Jul 15 2008


Barack Obama is faltering big time. As I noted earlier today regarding his Op-Ed today on Iraq the man is bordering on the delusional. Actually, John Hindraker over at Powerline did a much better job of noting the out and out lies in Obama’s Op-Ed today – lies about Obama himself! But the same factors […]

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