Aug 27 2008

Et Tu Hillary?

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Boy, stick a fork in the dems this year – they are done.  I could not get through Hillary’s speech, but through a glaring omission she pretty much torpedoed Barack for 08:

I’ll amend this if I’m mistaken but on first read of Hillary’s speech text I see no clear, flat assertion that Obama is qualified and prepared to be commander in chief from day one, which of course was always her central critique of him. That was something I had expected to see.

Update: No, I was right. As commenters are noting, and a McCain statement issued shortly after Hillary finished, she did not take the preparedness question head on. 

No wonder Michelle Obama was looking so worried throughout the speech. And does anyone think Bill Clinton will fill in that omission tonight?  Boy, what a train wreck.

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  1. breschau says:

    And if the Republicans don’t spend their entire week asserting that John McCain is NOT Bush’s third term, or scream from the rooftop that he’s NOT too old to be President – they are TOAST!!

    Yup – sound strategy, right there: let your opponent define you, and spend all of your effort fighting that definition. Awesome thinking.

  2. WWS says:

    watchoo talkin’ bout, willis?

    for the less brain dead out there – a candidate only has to worry about letting the opponent define him when he cannot provide any definition of his own. That’s Obama’s problem in a nutshell. Voters know who McCain is, the democrats can’t change that. They simply have to decide who they trust more, the known or the unknown.

    No one knows yet who Obama is, and his vague and defensive answers have done nothing to help that. Why was he associated with William Ayres? He’s never answered that question honestly, that’s the problem. As long as he leaves holes in his resume that big, anyone else is free to do the defining for him.

    Contrary to the lame self defensive advice Breschie gives, here’s the best agenda/daily themes that I hope the Republican convention follows.

    day 1) Obama is dangerously inexperienced. His foreign policy ideas are mainly “run away! run away!!!”

    day 2) Obama is friends with terrorists. He wants to be friends with the Iranian ayatollahs just like he’s friends with William Ayres.

    day 3) Obama is wildly liberal – raising taxes in the teeth of a recession while discouraging foreign trade is the same mistake Herbert Hoover made. Is that the source of Obama’s economic plans?

    day 4) McCain – a true Hero we can trust.

    hint for anyone who truly wants to win an election – you never do it by playing defense. However, Obama is so weak that he has no choice. Which is why he can’t win.

  3. The bottomline is that Leftist Barking-mad Moonbats believe in “diversity”; which is a code-word for “Tribalism”; they’ve been inculcating America into their Tribalism for 40 years, via their control of Leftist Academia and with Activist Judges; it’s their substitute for Religion.

    Now, their Tribalism is coming back to bite them in the ass: The FemiNazis vs. the Radical Gays vs. the Victimized Blacks vs. Hispanics vs. Gay, 3-toed Dwarf Whale-Lovers, etc…

    I’m laughing all the way to the Voting Booth…

  4. luc says:

    If you can believe CNN –
    August 26, 2008, Source: Bill Clinton will not attend Obama’s Invesco speech, you have the answer to your question about Bill Clinton tonight.
    Could not happen to a nicer bunch of people 😉

  5. WWS says:

    Dale, you absolutely correct when you point it that politics is their subsitute for religion – when you ridicule Obama, you really ARE ridiculing their messiah! And they react in predictable ways – “you LoZerS!! aLl SuCk!!@!” And then they head off to cry in the corner while they suck their thumbs and plot revenge.

    It also explain why they always fall so flat with honest religious voters (like with Nancy Pelosi trying to re-invent 2000 years of Catholic doctrine a couple of days ago) They are trying to get people to drop their old faith and take on the new faith of nothing but platitudes and feel goodism. Works on empty people with no true beliefs of their own, but that’s about it.

  6. pjo says:

    Based on all of the posting today and what happens tonight with Billy. AJ, is this having any impact down the ticket?

  7. kathie says:

    This is who a “Commander and Chief” is. I don’t picture Obama in this role. Read at “American Thinker”.

    A Brief History of Bush’s Time
    Randall Hoven
    The current narrative of the Bush Presidency is that it is a failure. I have another narrative. More

  8. ivehadit says:

    I do not say this flippantly: hardcore liberalism is a mental illness.

    Great post, Dale.

  9. AJStrata says:

    pjo, I think it might.

  10. Dc says:

    Interesting article up at Hot Air that I think also captures the moment. That last night DNC convention was basically a re-run of 2004…..against G. Bush. Where they define their misery at the hands of GW, and hold him up in effigy to burn him alive. They got so caught up in their rapture of the moment, they even forgot to make the “McSame” case.

    Lets not forget that the DNC “took back congress” in 2006 and has controlled it since then. Perhaps they should blame “them” for the legislative failures that cause them so much woe? Not a chance.

    The entire McCain is Bush III, and too old to be POTUS, doesn’t need to be responded to because it’s juvenile and meaningless political rhetoric that doesn’t fly very far after it leaves the confines of a moonbat tribal meeting. And even in those circles it only draws more attention to “O’s” biggest problem—lack of experience.

    Its no wonder that the DNC is having these issues….with Howard “Scream” Dean howling to take back the White House running things. He’s repeating the same mistakes of ’04 and their lack of understanding of the underlying issues is causing them to exacerbate that. Everything is deemed being “swiftboated” for which they feel they must attack strongly, right away. They do this because they feel this was J Kerry’s biggest mistake…not responding immediately. Unfortunately, in doing so, they are only drawing more attention to the issue at hand and keeping it in the news cycle in a way that is harmful to their own candidate. Brilliant strategy indeed!

  11. # ivehaditon 27 Aug 2008 at 10:30 am
    I do not say this flippantly: hardcore liberalism is a mental illness.

    I think you are absolutely correct!

    It’s components include:

    Category Error
    Psychological Displacement
    Cognitive Dissonance
    Mass Psychosis
    Stockholm Syndrome

    If you look at each one of those elements, “Liberals” suffer from them all, in spades!

    It is a willing, brainwashed suspension of reality!

    They live in a fractured, delusional fantasyland, where you can continually emphisize everyone’s “Differences” under the guise of “unity”, and then turn around and claim that they are all thus “united”!

    Go figure that one one out!

  12. Dc says:

    I wish I could get a t-shirt with this on it

  13. BarbaraS says:

    There is a reason why Obama can’t explain why he is friends with Ayers. Remember Frank Marshall Davis was in the Chicago area for some years and was active as a communist before he moved to Hawaii. Davis probably recommended Obama to Ayers. How else did Obama get so far in Chicago which is governed by close-knit nepotizm? How else could he have met Ayers? If he admits Davis introduced him to Ayers he gives away the entire game. He admits he was sent by a communist to a communist and probably admits he was groomed for his positions by the communist party. Why would Ayers put Obama on the board of the Woods Foundation and the Annenburg Challenge? A man he barely knew. But if Obama came to him highly recommended and was guaranteed he was a stanch communist and would obey orders then it is understandable. This theory would mean that Ayers would be the one pulling the strings and running the government. Just think of that. He couldn’t succeed by blowing up buildings but he could succeed in enforcing his communist beliefs as the power behind the president.

  14. Terrye says:


    I like and admire George Bush, but he and McCain are very different men. I think that Obama needs to show the American people that he is not just another version of Pelosi and Reid, after all they are more unpopular than Bush.

  15. ivehadit says:

    Barbara, it is beyond repulsive to think of those all through the 60’s, who were trying to subvert this country, are trying to sneakily get into power through their puppet, o.
    They wait, like Islmofascists wait.


  16. breschau says:

    I had a huge screed prepared in response to you, about how the ratings for Congress are only so low because Democrats are pissed off that Congress hasn’t gone after Bush/Cheney enough, we are still in Iraq even after the 2006 elections seemed to be a referendum on that, etc.

    But you know what? You’re right.

    Honestly, I think Pelosi is somewhat okay: I disagree with her on a lot of issues, but the House has done a decent job of getting legislation through that I agree with. (The Senate has prevented most of that from actually becoming law – see below.) But her statement that impeachment was “off the table” crippled any thought of holding the current administration accountable. No, I wouldn’t expect an actual impeachment to go through, but I think a full vetting of this administration would have been therapeutic for the country. And if the very concept of impeachment is meant to be unpatriotic or treasonous – then why did the Republicans do it in the late 90’s?

    Or are you all just terrified of what an actual impeachment hearing might find about the Bush Administration?

    But Reid… honestly, if I ever saw Harry Reid in person, it would take everything in my power not to punch him in the f*ck*ng nose. It’s quite surprising how someone like you and someone like me can have such intense distaste for Reid, and for such completely opposite reasons. This fragile 51/49 balance (with that 1 being McCain supporter Joe Leibermann) has prevented ANYTHING from getting done. The fact that he treats the threat of a filibuster as being equivalent to an actual filibuster on ANY issue, no matter how vital I and other Democrats think it is, drives me nuts. He is quite possible the least effective Senate “Majority” “Leader” in history.

    The only way I can keep myself calm about this entire issue is the fact that I think they are assuming Obama will win, and that they will pick up ~7 seats in the Senate, and ~20 seats in the House, and that will then allow them to push through whatever reforms they need.

    Or, it could be even more nefarious. I’d like all of you right wing folks to consider what kind of liberties and powers have been extended to the Executive Branch since 9/11/01, and then consider – they could be in the hands of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. How does that make you feel?

  17. WWS says:

    Here’s a very good visual from today on just how Obama and the dems plan to run the justice department.

    Today, there was a meeting at a hotel between the democrat bigwigs and all the big megabuck donors and lobbyists in Denver. How did the “party of change” react?

    They sent the Police in to rough up the ABC cameraman standing ON PUBLIC GROUND and then ARRESTED him for trying to take pictures! Is this China now?

    When he asked what he was being arrested for, they refused to tell him!

    video of the dem’s police state mentality at this link:

    “During the arrest, one of the officers can be heard saying to Eslocker, “You’re lucky I didn’t knock the f..k out of you.” “

  18. Dc says:

    …..”I’d like all of you right wing folks to consider what kind of liberties and powers have been extended to the Executive Branch since 9/11/01, and then consider – they could be in the hands of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. How does that make you feel?”….

    How does it make me feel? I hope they “USE” it. That’s mostly what I’d worry about for “O”. He doesn’t have the experience for this job.

    Yes..POTUS powers are scary (roll eyes).

  19. breschau says:

    “Yes..POTUS powers are scary (roll eyes).”

    Obviously, you haven’t been paying much attention for the past 8 years.

    You have no problem with Barack Obama telling the NSA to secretly spy on U.S. citizens, with no warrants and no oversight?

    You’re okay with people in the Department of Justice being hired based upon how much of a “real Democrat” they are?

    You’ll make no complaints if 2,000,000+ emails from the Obama White House staff just “disappear”?

    You won’t make a peep if a Republican Senator tries to hold a hearing on something the Obama White House did, and is refused to even question anyone from the White House staff because of Executive Privilege?

    Well, okay then – should be a nice, quiet 8 years.

    Your hypocrisy and ignorance are simply stunning.

  20. Dc says:


    And so is your stupidity—simply stunning. I would “HOPE” that the next POTUS understands the role and powers of the presidency and would do whatever was necessary to stop attacks against our nation so we “can” live in peace and quiet.

    The hearings and attacks against Bush for what he did was nothing but political bluster and media events. The same idiots harping about it have given the president everything he asked for. Yeah…hypocrisy.