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Mar 28 2011

Emperor Obama’s Flowery Words Present Path To Certain Failure

One of the reasons a lot of us supported President Bush in Iraq was he took the time and political capitol to garner UN and Congressional resolutions in support of the Iraqi front in the War on Terror. By doing so, he demonstrated beyond a doubt the moral righteousness of his actions, because he won […]

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Oct 19 2009

War On Terror Could Be In Final Stages

I stand by General McCrystal and his request for more troops, even though that likely means our son will go to Afghanistan as part of any surge. Depending on the timing of these new forces, though, the war on terror could be wrapping up sooner rather than later. The US and Pakistan have been tightening […]

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Jan 20 2009

Pakistanis Begin Pincher Move On al Qaeda And Taliban

There appear to be two general areas in Pakistan where al Qaeda and radical Taliban elements have a strong hold. The primary power base for these radical Islamo Fascist groups is Norther and Southern Waziristan Provinces in the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA). The map above can be clicked on to go to a larger […]

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Sep 11 2008

Liberals Finally Realize What NATO Means – And They Are Scared!

No links, but if I hear another liberal fool say “Sarah Palin said the US is required to protect Georgia, as a member of NATO, if attacked by Russia – and that scares me” I think I am going to puke. So, after all these years of NATO liberals finally figured out what it means? […]

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Aug 28 2008

Updates From Pakistan/Afghanistan 08_28_08

  I have been collecting up articles on events in our final major front in the war on terror as the Democrat convention has limped along. But today is a good day to do a overview of recent activities to remind ourselves the differences between Bill Clinton and George Bush on the threat of al-Qaeda. […]

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Aug 09 2008

Russia’s Criminal Invasion Of Georgia And Obama Blows The “3 AM Call” Test

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Want to know what causes war and conflict? Doubt and Caution. The liberal forces in Europe and America keep whining about how we cannot enforce peace and democracy and must simply talk and appease. But those opposing forces ready to use military means (or worse in the case of terrorists) simply see the grasp for […]

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Jul 25 2008

Fly By – Pakistan & Afghanistan Tribal Areas 07_25_08

Swamped today with meetings so sorry for the light posting.  Here is another recap of stories from the Pakistan-Afghanistan Tribal Areas More rumblings about NATO aircraft in the skies over Pakistan. More on troop movements on the border. Some very worrisome news on how the terrorists have created a target list of top Pakistan officials. […]

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Jul 20 2008

Reuters: Rumsfeld More Sane Than Obama Regarding Pakistan

The border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan is heating up. I have a slew of interesting articles on activities there as a continuation of my recent posts on the area (see here, here and here) which I will get to in a moment, but one article truly struck me and it was from Reuters: Former […]

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Jul 17 2008

Time To Take The Battle To The Terrorists – Again

War can seem quite acceptable, from a distance. That was the problem leading up to 9-11, the Islamo Fascists saw war with America as some sort of romantic return to a heroic past. The idea of Jihad was becoming very popular and excitement built as the more pure, more righteous Islamist Fighters took on The […]

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Jul 16 2008

Afghanistan-Pakistan Border Battles Begin

Yesterday I noted reports of US and NATO forces heading towards the Afghanistan-Pakistan border bringing tanks, artillery and attack helicopters with them. This movement of US, NATO and Afghan forces to the border with Pakistan brought the rats out of the Pakistan Tribal Areas to attack the infidels – and of course the rats are […]

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