Jul 18 2008

Red Crescent Call To Action

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Folks, we have a national disaster brewing over the 9-11 Flight 93 memorial. Years ago an uproar ensued over the plan to memorialize those who died on Flight 93, considered the first battle on the War on Terror which Americans won, under the Islamic symbol of the crescent.  I am not against Islam in general, and I am not of the opinion that vast Muslim community is ready for war with the rest of the world. But Islamic extremists are responsible for 9-11 and many other attacks on the West before and after 9-11, so we must make sure that memorials to our fallen heroes in this war on terror represent American values.

When the uproar hit the US Park Service supposedly got the message and were to take actions to fix the problem. Instead they decided to try sneak through the original offending design. Next month there is going to be a meeting in Pennsylvania to get feedback on this rolling disaster.  It is incumbent upon everyone who has an issue with this travesty to get out there and make your voices known.

My previous posts on this matter can be seen here and here (most recent first).  In the above picture you can see the original, totally offensive design.  In the image below you can see how the old design is still there, with a few cosmetic changes. The right answer then, and now, is to dump this design and select from the 100’s of others submitted for the memorial. It is critically important that a 9-11 memorial to the first fighters against al-Qaeda be something most Americans can take pride in.  For too many, the current design fails this basic test.

Crescent-Bowl, site-plan animation, 300px

I am going to do what I can to get there, but at least I can help spread the call to arms to those who can go in my stead if I cannot make it. Please, if you can make it go and represent America. If you cannot then get the message out and send in a letter. It is time to take America’s memorial back from those who have decided to ignore the wishes of “We The People“.  Here’s the information I have on the upcoming important event:

If you are within weekend traveling distance, please consider joining Tom Burnett Sr. in Somerset PA on August 2nd. If you get there early enough for the Memorial Project’s public meeting (10AM-1PM) you can sign up to speak. We will rally in the afternoon on Saturday, and visit the crash-site Sunday.

More here at Atlas Shrugs.  This is important folks. Don’t let this memorial become something less than it should be. We won this battle, and it should be demonstrated as such in the memorial.

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  1. VA Voter says:

    Rather than call out the anonymous “US Park Service”, find out the names of those on the commission who support the crescent, name their bosses and name their political sponsors (who are, in reality, the ultimate drivers of this process).

    This crescent insult could not continue without political cover.

  2. Crzy4politks says:

    Who is behind this? Why would anyone pick to put a symbol of the terrorists as a monument to those who defeated them? Do we know what some of the options have been?

  3. AJStrata says:


    Go back to the last post on this and there is a link to the US Park Service site on the memorial with tons of background. When the competition wa run a few years back there was some hint at the other options. They may still be on the site.

    Cheers, AJStrata

  4. Terrye says:

    Maybe I am missing something, but this just looks like a semi circle to me. I get the whole crescent thing and if it really bothers people, then they should change it, but when I looked at it I did not think of Islam.

  5. Terrye says:

    It almost looks like the design of the Colosseum.

  6. AJStrata says:


    The point is many people did and they should have dumped it two years ago.

  7. VinceP1974 says:

    Maybe I am missing something, but this just looks like a semi circle to me. I get the whole crescent thing and if it really bothers people, then they should change it, but when I looked at it I did not think of Islam.

    You saw a huge red crescent and did not think of Islam?

  8. Terrye says:


    I said that if it bothers people they should change it.

  9. Terrye says:


    I looked at the picture and I did not see a crescent, I saw a semi circle. That is what I saw. I have seen the crescent on flags etc and I know what a crescent moon looks like. That did not look like a crescent to me. It looks like a theater, a ball park, something like that. People see different things.

    One of the nicest memorials I ever saw was the one OKlahoma City where the Federal Building was bombed. Something like that would be more appropriate.

  10. AJ,

    I don’t know. I look at it and I see a design I see elsewhere. I mean all this production almost makes it seems like the terrorist win. We can’t have a Memorial with a curve or semi Circle anymore

    THis all seems too much like the stuff I watch on the history channel where the streets are Washington are suppose to look like a Pentagram and other Masonic lore.

    IN other words you can see anything

    THe SOuth Carolina Flag has a Cresant

    That is not really a Cresant. I mean I understand if people want a different design but I am not seeing a red cresant there

  11. Stix says:

    Read the posts ofthe blogburst forthe flight 93 memorial. There is more than just a creasant. It is a mihrab, a creasant facing Mecca to orient people to pray to Mecca.

    Go to:

  12. VinceP1974 says:

    Terrye: The original design had a giant red crescent.. all they did was plant some trees on it.. it’s still there.

  13. VinceP1974 says:

    Stix:Yeah, there’s tons of Islamic things they put into that memorial.. like the Islamic Prayer Sundial

  14. aerawls says:

    The design is without a doubt a crescent. It was originally named Crescent of Embrace, and as can be seen in the animation, every particle of that original crescent design remains completely intact in the redesign.

    People also need to know that the giant crescent points to Mecca, and that this Mecca-orientation is repeated in the crescents of trees that surround the crescent-shaped Tower of Voices part of the memorial.

    This repetition proves that the Mecca orientation is intentional. That makes the giant crescent a mihrab: the Mecca-direction indicator around which every mosque is built. Some mihrabs are pointed arch shaped, but the archetypical mihrab is crescent shaped.

    The planned memorial will be the world’s largest mosque by a factor of a hundred. This is a radical Islamic attack on the United States, every bit as ambitious in its own way as 9/11.

    There are numerous other Islamic and terrorist memorializing features in the design. A few are listed at CrescentOfBetrayal.com, with simple instructions for verification, starting from source documents.

    AJ: if you are able to make the trip, please let me know. Not only will Mr. Burnett and I very much want to meet you, but we may be able to direct some news coverage your way. A major problem we have been facing is that we can’t get the media to actually check and report the facts.

    We manage to get something like our Mecca-orientation claim into a news story, and it gets followed by a phony academic claiming that “anything can point toward Mecca, because the earth is round.” The press then let’s this blatant deception stand. They can’t be bothered to ask one of the world’s one billion Muslims whether it is true that there is no such thing as the direction to Mecca, and so the masquerade continues.

    If you would fact-check a couple of our claims: (like the Mecca orientation of the crescent; or the fact that the 9/11 date is to be inscribed on a separate section of Memorial Wall that sits in the exact position of the star on an Islamic flag), then Tom and I can cite that independent fact-checking via your press-release/blog post.

    Another example. Numerous articles have noted our claim that there are 44 memorial blocks on the flight path (when the flight carried 40 passengers and crew and 4 terrorists). This claim is always followed by a Memorial Project denial. In two and a half years, I haven’t been able to get a single reporter to simply open up the design drawings and count the blocks.

    Tom and I need to break this embargo on fact-checking. ANYBODY who is willing to fact-check ANY of our claims, please issue a “press release,” be it as a blog post, blog comment, or whatever, and let me know.

    This is something anyone can do, whether or not you can make it to Somerset. An army of fact-checkers would break the media embargo and bring this down. Tom and I will get the news coverage. Give us something to direct it to.

  15. AJStrata says:


    Let’s talk more in email – you have mine, right? Would be honored to meet Mr. Burnett.

  16. aerawls says:

    AJ: I don’t have your email. Can you send it to me?

  17. Toes192 says:

    Pay attention, peeps. All of you have an email list. Take the time to send AJ’s column to all of them urging them to email THEIR email lists, etc.

    It’s an easy deal.
    Do not sit this one out. Semper Fi

  18. MerlinOS2 says:

    Don’t forget that terrible mess that was constructed out in Phoenix, you know the big sun shines through one with all the sayings illuminated by the sun.

    Now Phoenix was the home of some of the Flying Imams..but it is not clear how much input they had into that version.

  19. aerawls says:

    An amusing Freudian slip from Memorial Project Superintendent Joanne Hanley yesterday:

    “The only Islamic symbolism that remains in the memorial is that which is perpetrated by the conspiracy theorists themselves,” Hanley said.

    No, they never admitted there was Islamic symbolism in the original Crescent of Embrace design before, but they all knew it.

    Last summer I was told by Professor Tim Baird, a member of the Memorial Project’s Advisory Commission, that EVERYONE in the project is fully aware of the factual accuracy of my Mecca orientation claim. They have all just decided that it must be a coincidence and that that makes it okay (even as they lie to the public, telling the press that the Mecca orientation claim is FALSE).

    Of course they also know that the Islamic symbolism is still there, since they only disguised the original design by including a chunk of the broken off part of the circle. Still, they aren’t about to quit. To tackle the hijacker, we are boing to have to knock the blockers out of the way.

  20. dave m says:

    The fact that a line drawn between the midpoint of the crescent
    and the midpoint if the distance between the ends of the crescent
    points exactly to mecca, reveals the intent of the architect.

    What I don’t understand, AJ, is why is the National Park Service
    going into full bureaucratic cover mode and trying to ram this thing
    through? I guess you might understand stuff like that. Please explain
    it to us.

    If this monument ever gets built, I suggest that every visitor buys
    a little toy pig and leaves it there, with a sign on the pig, “we know”.