Apr 19 2008

Obama’s Crash

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All those who expected Obama to crash instantly in the polls don’t understand polls and don’t understand this time in the process. This far out from the election the people are not tuned in (only us political addicts), so it takes time for events to ripple through. I saw tons of fantasy headlines about how Obama was not affected by his “bitter” comments and the debate. Well, the latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll shows a much different reality:

That is some pretty serious damage coming right before the next round of primaries and caucuses Tuesday. I was expecting it but wanted to see a few days of the trend before I made a firm statement. Interestingly there is not effect on the McCain head to heads yet. But there probably will be. As Obama and Clinton tear each other up McCain will rise above it all and, with his conciliatory and respectful tone, start breaking away from the dems soon. And the left can only watch has it all unravels on them.

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  1. breschau says:


    I wouldn’t be expecting an apology any time soon, especially since one of the loudest criticisms I hear is, “Hillary is acting just like a Republican.” So – don’t hold your breath.

    It’s sad – I actually enjoyed most of Bill’s time in office (and I still don’t understand why the Right just *hates* him and Hillary so viscerally – were the 90’s really that bad for you all?), and I had a fairly decent opinion of her when the primary started. Now, I doubt I’d shed a tear if she drove off a cliff. For her not to see that A) she has no shot at the nomination, and B) she’s killing the party for her own personal gain, is an unspeakable act of narcissism.

  2. breschau says:


    Yes, I am curious to see how the various media outlets start covering issues when there’s just one nominee for each party. And I mean issues in both senses of the word – ridiculous, petty stuff like “bitter” or McCain’s tax returns, as well as actual policy issues like economic plans, what to do about Iraq and Afghanistan, the housing market, education, etc.

    Also, I think that grouping all of the media outlets under one umbrella category of “the media” is somewhat silly. Does anyone really consider MSNBC = Fox News = CNN = ABC = The New York Times = The Wall Street Journal = The Washington Post?

    And yes – my five year old son has been having seizures since he was 2, and has gone through multiple EEGs and CAT scans. My 3 year old was diagnosed with autism (and hey – March is Austism Awareness month – 1 out of every 150 kids are diagnosed nowadays) about 6 months ago, and attends a full-time school in the Delaware Austism Program. So, my life is basically a big party.

  3. Whippet1 says:


    So sorry to hear about your children. It is tough enough parenting children in today’s society but to have major health issues makes it that much more difficult. And of course, nothing and I mean nothing is more painful than watching your children struggle. I hope your children can lead a relatively “normal” life and experience all it’s joys.

    As for Clinton. It’s not that the 90’s were necessarily bad at the time it is the fallout from those years that has affected our country drastically. National security, economic, etc are some issues but the most profound effect the Clintons brought to the country was division. The so called “Vast-Right-Wing Conspiracy” that was claimed by them was all a smoke-screen to deflect from what was really going on in that administration. It is only now that the country is getting exposed to what the Republicans knew all along…that the Clintons are nothing more than power hungry phonies. They not only are responsible for trying to destroy their own party but they participated in destroying the entire country by attempting to create class warfare, racial warfare and left the country vulnerable to the terrorists on 9-11.

    And why shouldn’t Obama be questioned on public statements he has made or the company he keeps? After all he claims to be practicing a different kind of politics while he is really practicing politics as usual. And we all know that the people we choose to share our lives with are generally a reflection of who we are. Not necessarily everyone, but most. If Obama chooses to associate with terrorists, anti-american individuals and promote class warfare is this not important to someone who could be the next President of the United States? If the policies he promotes publically are in drastic contrast to the policies that he has promoted privately should he get a pass?

  4. Whippet1 says:


    And no, all media outlets are not equal…however the huge majority, by their own admission sway very liberal. And liberal today doesn’t mean what it did a few years ago…

  5. 75 says:

    As a rule, if one looks at the biased mainstream media as “creating” issues rather than “covering” them, it becomes obviously clear as to who is biased, which direction, and their ultimate goal.