Jun 13 2007

Supporters Of Immigration Bill Open To Stronger Measures

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Just look at the tireless efforts to find compromise by the supporters of the immigration bill:

Negotiators also were considering harsher penalties for immigrants who overstay their visas or re-enter the country illegally, according to Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

“If you had mandatory jail time” for such offenses, Graham said, “I think it would create a deterrent.”

Another possible amendment, he said, would prohibit employers from participating in a new temporary worker program if they repeatedly break the law by hiring illegal workers.

All great ideas. But they will be dismissed by the far right. Because the “Amnesty” phrase in all their heated rhetoric is about providing a path to legal status for the 12+ million long term illegal aliens now in the country. These are good ideas broadly supported. Will the immigraiton hypochondriacs take these and finally pass the package? LOL! Well, if they ever wanted to prove AJStrata to be really, really wrong they would! If they lined up behind the bill with these additions (and no one is stopping them from making more suggestions later) then I will be wrong about them.

Excuse me if I am not too worried that I misunderstood the intentions of the obstructionists. When they use the term “Amnesty Bill” they are not worried about future violators….. We all know what that phrase applies to. It does not apply to border elements. You can’t give “amnesty” to a fence. It is not about future guest workers – they have done nothing yet to warrant “amnesty”. Same goes for anyone who commits a future infraction. The word is targetted at what is their big problem. They day they drop the phrase is the day I believe they are worried about some other aspect of this bill than the 12 million illegals here now (and it will be the day I will have to abandon my counter-phrase “immigration hypochondriacs”!).

Now contrast these sincere efforts with the KOS Kid wannabes at Free Republic. Calls of ‘liars’ and RINO and “gay cheerleader”. And people wonder why I am so happy to distance myself from these ‘people’? More far right bile here:

The other cabinet officer, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, said that failure to pass the bill would hurt the economy. “We will see rotting fruit” in the fields, Mr. Gutierrez said. “We will see lawns that don’t get cared for. We will see patients who don’t get cared for.”

Mr Gutierrez, I can grow my own vegetables, mow my own yard and I don’t want a disease infested illegal taking care of me when I am sick!

So bugger off!

This is the core of the crowd. I don’t care if other people are not this bad, but they are aligned with them. That is like aligning with David Duke because you see his proposal in a different light than he does. But when you align with him you give him YOUR credibility. Or, more likely, he takes yours down to his level. This is the heat behind the opponents of immigration reform. It is a foul and ugly heat.

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  1. AJStrata says:


    If it has passed before there is nothing in tightening it up! Get out of the way and let it pass then.

  2. patrick neid says:

    this is your standard response:

    LOL! yeah Pat – your a bloody immigration genius!

    Dude, your arrogance is not backed up with anything. And you are another perfect example of the omnipotent impotence from the far right.

    Geniuses in their own minds – superior to all who disagree.

    if this is your response to the history of immigration reform enforcement get some counseling. you are going to have a very difficult time with a closed boreder……..

    We got your point St Pat! “

  3. AJStrata says:

    St Pat – come on dude, snap out of your fantasy. I am all for strengthening the border and enforcement. I was a big fan of booting out anyone convicted of a crime.

    But keep telling yourself I am not who I am, and you are not who you are, and none of this happening!

    LOL! Denial runs deep with you. Now, knowing who you are, I guess I can let you have the last word – being complete fiction as all your other recent comments have been.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:


    I am neutral here, so please don’t throw me in the bigot bush.

    I am trying to pragmatically show faults with the bill that need to be adjusted, simple as that.

    I have been to hearings for illegals that got into my companies, not because I hate illegals or any reasons similar to that.

    It was simply because they were breaking the law.

    When you start picking and choosing laws to abide by or ignore, Houston we’ve got a problem.

  5. Terrye says:

    They will grow their own vegetables????That is such a laugh. Go ahead, tell America we are going to shut down Imperial Valley and growers in Yuma Arizona and the vegetable producers in California and grow our own fruit and vegetables so that we can get rid of the icky wetbacks. They will love that.

    You know, one of the first men killed in Iraq was a young Marine born in Guatemala. I saw his mother at his funeral. She was exactly the kind of person these people want to keep out.

    Don’t it make ya proud Retire?

  6. Terrye says:


    You are doing the same thing the Kos people do. They looked at the polls on Iraq and thought that a majority of Americans were like Cindy Sheehan.

    Now you look at the polls on immigration and think that 72% are like the moron Aj cited above.

    If you asked me if I though border enforcement should be a priority I would say yes. And yet you have told me that I am an open borders person.

    It just might be that you do not know what you are talking about.

  7. momdear1 says:

    If we didn’t have child labor laws which prevent people under 16 from holding jobs, there wouldn’t be such a shortage of “farm” labor, grass cutters etc. There was a time when just about every kid could get a summer job doing something. In the South, they worked inthe fields and picked cotton. In the Pacific NW, they even closed the schools at strawberry picking time. And since when has anyone seen a kid pushing a lawnmower around going door to door looking for a temporary job. Most of the lawn mowing is now done by “Landscaping maintainence” companies organized by white male college graduates who were affirmative actioned out of training level jobs in their chosen fields. They hire illegals who work cheap because they are covered under the child labor laws. In the meantime, idle kids who have no supervision because their mothers have to work to help pay the family bills, meet on street corners do do drugs and discuss what kind of mischief they can get into. For every action there is a reaction.

  8. ivehadit says:

    Good grief! Cheap labor? That is a myth. It’s called labor that will travel across the country to work and then back again! Hard workers!
    Getting the job done, not whinning about more government help.

    And has anyone thought about using private resources to help those who are trying to help themselves by coming here to America? Many of these people have been magnificent entrepreneurs, self-starters and took initiative to improve their lives. Is that not what conservatism espouses anymore? Or is it just a populist ranting machine now?

  9. Atlantin says:

    If the USA does not restrict immigration it will be destroyed by two factors: 1) culture replacement which will transform the White American culture of the USA into Mexican Lite or worse and 2) lowering of mean IQ which will result in a dropping of the smart fraction of the population, the fraction that permits a civilization to flourish (1), to a point where it becomes a third world country.