Dec 06 2006

Democrats Negotiating In Secret With Hamas

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The Democrats are playing as very dumb and dangerous game by holding secret talks with terrorist organizations. 9-11 is not THAT distant of a memory. I am sure these modern Neville Chamberlains will come running back with all sorts of wonderfully naive promises of peace and happiness.

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  1. Retired Spook says:

    An even more interesting question, Pagar: can you imagine the Republican Party ever nominating such a person? It appeared in 2004, however, that nearly 60 million people enjoyed having a sharp stick poked in their collective eye.

    Interesting development on the subject story of this thread. Some 9 hours after the original dateline , the following was edited out of the article:

    Meanwhile, sources close to the Hamas-led government claimed that Hamas representatives recently held talks with officials from the US Democratic Party at a secret location.

  2. cochino says:

    AJ, where in the article does it say that?

  3. cochino says:

    Wait a minute, you mean that section no longer appears in the article?

  4. Retired Spook says:

    Cochino, see my post immediately before yours. The original article was updated and that paragraph was deleted. For some reason my link to the JP article doesn’t work, but it is the same article AJ linked to at the beginning of this thread.

  5. Retired Spook says:

    Cochino, LGF has the context in which this paragraph originally appeared. I read the original article last night before it was deleted. Gee, I wonder why someone would want that paragraph deleted?

  6. Retired Spook says:

    World Net Daily also reported on this, and the reference hasn’t been deleted from their article (yet).

  7. pagar says:

    Gateway Pundit (which is on the blogroll here) has traced Democrat
    habits of meeting with the enemy to long before John Kerry, in today’s article. But as far as I’m concerned, John Kerry is the one that has had a adverse effect on the most lives during our lifetime.

  8. Carol J says:


    “…The Baker Commission is uniquely a creature of our times. What other era could produce an endeavor whose sole purpose is to develop policy not with regard to how effective it will be but with the goal of uniting us behind it, be it wrong or right? What other era could be so capable of such an over-arching, supreme and self-destructive narcissism?”

    Thursday, December 07, 2006
    Strolling Together Into the Abyss
    Posted by Dean Barnett | 9:36 AM

    Read it and weep.

    Carol J

  9. Carol_Herman says:

    Okay. I’ll bite. Israel wants and needs proof that Shalit is alive.


    The truth? (I think the kid is dead.)

    But that’s not official.

    And, whomever met with Hamas was treated to the same thing now showing up on DEBKA. Israel had given the Americans PROOF that she has nuclear capabilities. Including at sea. BUT SHE’S NEVER EVER ANNOUNCED THIS.

    Baker just did. Typical.

    But also this time? We’re not dealing in chads. The man may hve met his match?

    I know you all think the democrats are going to give James Baker a “free ride.” While I remember reading that HOWIE DEAN told his BASE: “This election is NOT a mandate. We have to EARN THE TRUST of the American people.”

    Both political parties poll.

    I don’t think James Baker, today, carries higher numbers of approval, than say, Jimmy Carter.

    While Karl Rove knew, before the fact of firing Rumsfeld, that he polled well. 49% of the American People were giving him APPROVAL ratings. Even the president can’t claim that.

    He’s trying to boost himself up on the news that a lot of Stanta Claus’s have been hired. So there’s a drop in the unemployment rate.

    I think it’s too bad his mom never read childhood stories to him. He’d have learned stuff. Especially the kinds of stuff that teaches ya early in life, you can lose the trust you need, for people to believe in what you say.

  10. Ken says:

    ” Israel is NOT the cause of Bush #43’s problems in Iraq.”
    You or Olmert is wrong; if you, glibly so.