Jul 09 2014

Obama’s Immigration/Border Madness

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The Petulant Presidency

Man, has President Obama checked out or what!

Not only is Obama having his Katrina moment, unlike President Bush (who did not cause the Hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast of America) Obama has created a nuclear version of the moment. The border crisis is his. But now he is  trying to pretend no one can force him to deal with the mess of his own making!

His Petulantcy is in full stride:

He said they ended up compromising by agreeing to have Obama meet with Rick Perry and participating in an immigration round table, which allowed them to stand firm while still showing concern about the issue at hand.

“They can say they went to Texas, they talked about immigration, they had an important meeting with the governor down there who’s dealing with this, but then they were still able to stand their ground and say, ‘Hey, we didn’t get bullied in going to the border.’”

Imagine George W Bush saying you can’t bully me into going to New Orleans or the Gulf Coast?? No you CAN’T MAKE ME!


The news media arm of the Political Industrial Complex that runs the Beltway Bubble must be wondering what happened. I tell you what happened. The Lame Duck has quit being President and is now the guy in the Oval Office doing whatever  he pleases. Obama knows their are enough sycophants in the news media to protect him from too much flack.  Look at that Chuck Todd statement from the White House and realize the implications. He refuses to look concerned. He does not want to be tarnished with the crisis. Kids? What kids?

If Obama cannot be bullied to see his own mess first hand, how can he claim Congress must be bullied to clean it up?

And why should they?

Since His Imperialness has decided he can move funds without congressional approval (a clear violation of the US Constitution), he can get his $3.8 Billion form wherever he wants. Let the man stew in his own juices. Let him deal with this kind of commentary from his groupie news media:

The president appears paralyzed, but that is not the case. The administration has made the conscious decision in the case of the immigration crisis not to attempt to resolve it with vigor, preferring instead to allow the Congress to act in tandem with the White House in order to both effect a comprehensive solution and to prevent the president from being personally linked to the border crisis.

To the press, which has always been enamored with the robust executive, Obama’s White House seems stunned and unable to manage crisis communications. That was the subject of Tuesday’s First Read Minute, hosted by NBC News Senior Political Editor Mark Murray and National Political Writer Carrie Dann: “Why can’t the Obama administration deal with crisis?”

“This has been a growing problem, but it’s really ballooned in the last couple weeks as there’s been more press around these kids who are coming unaccompanied, and it’s really just dominating the narrative for the White House,” Dann said. “And it seems like something that the White House could have seen coming. This wasn’t a problem that suddenly exploded overnight. It’s been growing since 2009.”

She observed that the White House seems to be reactive to crises rather than proactive. “And that reaction, always kind of being controlled by events rather than controlling events, has been a problem for this White House when it comes to this crisis management story,” Murray agreed.

The problem is obvious. Obama is playing politics inside the bubble without any concern to the optics as seen from the electorate. He is is not going to come to Perry’s land and lift a finger! He wants Perry’s Texas to submit to Obama’s vision of the new (bankrupt) America! He does not want to deal with the crisis! He has checked out.

Obama could care less what impact it has on anyone – even Democrats. Now he is going to get back at all those who stood in his way.

Pure and transparent Petulance:


adjective \?pe-ch?-l?nt\

: having or showing the attitude of people who become angry and annoyed when they do not get what they want

Major UpdateNBC news is beginning to bail on Obama along with Democrat CongressCritters. When you lose Andrea Mitchell, you have lost a lot!

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2 Responses to “Obama’s Immigration/Border Madness”

  1. oneal lane says:

    I wish Rick Perry would call up his guard, his retired police and other public agents. Send them to the down to the Rio Grande to “Repel all Borders” He has the ability to embarrass Obama, and rally the nation, if he plays his cards correctly. It also makes him look good for a presidential run.

  2. WWS says:

    The problem with Perry doing that is that the court’s have already ruled that Immigration law can only be enforced by the fed’s, not the states. (this was in response to an attempt by Arizona to step up enforcement a couple years ago).

    So Perry does not have the legal authority to do what you said. And unlike Obama, he actually doesn’t see himself as a kind of God-King who can do whatever he feels like, law and legislature be damned.