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Jun 17 2016

Terrorism Is No Excuse To Tear Up Our Constitution

I am very disturbed by the train of thought percolating through the Political Industrial Complex the last day or two. [Political Industrial Complex = Career politicians, their career staff, the sea of political consultants, the crony donors and their lobbyists, the career lead bureaucrats, and of course the pliant “news” media. Basically, the political insiders […]

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Jul 09 2014

Obama’s Immigration/Border Madness

Man, has President Obama checked out or what! Not only is Obama having his Katrina moment, unlike President Bush (who did not cause the Hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast of America) Obama has created a nuclear version of the moment. The border crisis is his. But now he isĀ  trying to pretend no one […]

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Oct 08 2010

Federal Judge Provides Rallying Cry For November Elections

“Remember When It Was YOUR Health Care!” In every election there are unexpected, pivotal moments that tip the electorate irreversibly. When these turning points hit in October, they are called an “October Surprise“. In this election, the October Surprise was provided by an unelected, liberal judge in Michigan who believes freedom of choice ends with […]

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